Monday, July 25, 2011

Ancient Kauri Kingdom

The Kauri is a very long lived tree, the larger ones can be 2000 years old.  Swamp kauri is much older still.  It is found in swamps in the north of New Zealand and is the oldest workable wood in the world.  Ancient swamp kauri is carbon dated at more than 45,000 years old.  It predates the migration of Neanderthal man and was already buried in swamps more than 25,000 years before the onset of the last Ice Age.   Small wonder, then, that the prices on carved swamp kauri in The Ancient Kauri Kingdom at Awanui take your breath away.
Can’t remember whether the price tag was 60 or 70 thousand dollars on this huge piece.  Doesn’t make much difference really.

60 or 70 thous
This company undertake the entire process - extracting the logs from Northland swamps, milling, manufacturing and selling their kauri products.   It amazes me how their craftsmen see the potential in an old log, what lies hidden within, just waiting to be released.

Is this the old man of the sea?  He’s a work in progress, shot through the glass window of the workshop at the back of the store.



  1. Wow! that really is a neat bench!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  2. WOW! That's amazing. What beautiful wood. Imagine... it sits in a swamp and it's older than man.
    All I can say is WOW! and...
    I love that bird.

  3. Hello Pauline,

    Wow that old man carving is stunning, I wonder where he will end up.
    Happy days.

  4. As you know I really love wood and the pictures you've shown are of wonderful items but, for me, none are more exquisite in their emotional reach as the figure in the background of the last photo. I cannot even begin to explain how much it affected me.


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