Monday, June 20, 2011

New friend

Meet my beautiful new friend.  I think I'm happier about her presence as my lawnmower than she is.

I have an over abundance of beautiful lush grass.  Can't call it lawn because it's way past that.  Between a lawnmower (of the mechanical variety) that is proving difficult to start and the wet weather I can't remember when my lawn was last mowed. 

So little Mini has been relocated from my son and daughter-in-laws yard to mine.  So far she's just stood on the top step outside my back door and looked longingly inside.  Occasionally she looks at the grass but has not been tempted. 

She's so cute and even lovelier to touch than she looks, so soft and wooly.


  1. She is a beauty. I really like the new header.

  2. I like the new header too.

    I thought that I was already following your blog on Network Blogs?

    As for sheep being cute. Sorry. I have this argument with Spesh who thinks they are too. Lambs, perhaps. But not sheep. Sorry.

    Mind you as sheep go she's a beauty. Just not a cute beauty.

  3. What a beauty!...I'd love to sink my fingers into that lovely woolly coat.

  4. she's going to be the new Icon, replacing shrek?

  5. A goat that doesn't eat grass? Is she an "indoor" goat or very old without teeth? Goats never turn down grass. She's pretty. Maybe she's homesick. Give her a few days to get acclimated and she will be fine.


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