Monday, June 6, 2011

Lucky find

I thought I was going to have a camera-less weekend.  I left my spare batteries on the charger at work.
I didn't suffer any withdrawal symptoms until this morning when I walked from my bedroom to the bathroom and the sun streaming in through the Mess Room window hit me in the eyes.  

The Mess Room is the very small third bedroom in my house where everything that won't fit anywhere else is stored.  The house is very small with little storage space.  No where to stow those suitcases awaiting another adventure, the blow up mattress waiting for more visitors, the grandchildrens' books and toys, piles of material waiting for inspiriation.  That sort of stuff.  So it all gets piled into this one spare room.   

It's the shame the room is unused as it has the best view.  You'd just need to rotate the house 90 degrees clockwise to make it ideal.  That would make it catch more of the sun, too but I guess the original builders had no such thoughts in mind.  The house was put here to accommodate farm workers and, as is often the case with such houses, little thought is given to anything other than the practicalities.

Anyway, back to this morning and the sun streaming in through the fog.  I’m not a morning person so as I wandered to the kitchen for a kick start coffee I didn’t for a minute notice there were a couple of camera batteries sitting in a small dish on top of the microwave.  No, can’t really blame it on morning fuzziness, I didn’t notice them there yesterday either.  I admit that the day prior to that I wondered where they were and hunted high and low for them.  While I’m being honest I also searched for my spare battery charger and finally had a vague recollection of having given it to someone.  That’s enough of an insight into my vagueness.

Found batteries were popped into the camera and, oh, the pleasure of camera in hand.

6 June 11
 The joy lasted until I downloaded the photos and noticed how dirty the windows are.  This is the end of the house closest to the dusty road is my only excuse.


So I had my back to this view this morning as I cleaned the windows. 


  1. Hello Pauline,

    A stunning view,so glad you found the batteries, everything is either where you put it last or someone else has moved it!!!
    Happy holiday.

  2. Gorgeous views - and a little dust wouldn't put me off.
    Every window in my house needs cleaning, but they won't get done until they're really bad!

  3. I'm glad you found your batteries and the camera batteries as well. My batteries keep running low these days and as for memory for where I've put things... It's more like a forgetory I have.

    The pics are wonderfully atmospheric.


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