Friday, June 3, 2011

FSO–My town by night

Yes, it’s winter now.  At first we thought the time on the clock was wrong but no, it really was just after five.  My friend, Chris along with her niece Lucy and I were in town for an early dinner followed by a movie, The Insatiable Moon, an excellent, thought provoking, NZ movie.   

Inside Reva’s in the Town Basin is warm and cosy and has a great Earlybird menu. 

 By the time we left, the streetlights across the river were on and starting to throw light on the water.

town basin
 Those who know me well will find this hard to believe but I was also in town on Wednesday night, too.  That’s right, two nights in a row, most times I feel I’m living the high life if I’m out at night once a month.  Wednesday night the occasion was a farewell to a workmate.  We gathered in the Apprentice Restaurant where I work, a truly terrific place to dine.  We (and that’s a royal we because I have nothing to do with it really) sure do turn out some wonderful chefs and waiting staff.  I’d never make a food photographer but these really did taste even better than they looked.

 Like good children we left nothing on our plates except the cutlery.

 Good luck with your new job, Pip.

flowers and shoe
 Coming home I stopped to take a photo through the windscreen (they are drops of rain you can see) just because I like the sign.  I always think if ever I get a seal I will know where to bring it for repairs.  What causes the reflection of the digging man sign?  I stopped again and took another photo the following night but the rain was heavier and I could hardly see the sign.

seal repairs
 You’ll have to look at the presentations from the rest of the team if you want to see night action shots.  You’ll find them here.


  1. Neat shots! I especially like the reflections on the water!

  2. The restaurant looks so cozy and the food's yummy!

  3. What lovely photos of a nice-looking town, Pauline! And the food is making me hungry... I would leave nothing on my plate, either! :-)


  4. Well you got more night action than I. It doesn't even get properly dark here until way past my bedtime now ;)

  5. Hello Pauline,

    Stunning photo's. I now know why I got the message machine at Koura on Thursday night.
    Happy days.

  6. I too love the shot on the river. Great job.
    Great shooting Pauline.

  7. I loved looking at your photos. They are all very goodAlways interesting to see what is going on the other side of the world.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Great pictures and nice town! :) LG Tina

  9. first, I love Pip's shoe! I have a shoe fetish. and purse....

    I really love the first shot Pauline.

  10. Oooh, your photos are so beautiful and welcoming Pauline... And the dinner looks scrumptious! I love food photos! ...think I will get hubby to take me for a drive in the city tonight so I can look at the lights, hope it rains :)!
    Have a great week!
    jen xo

  11. Now THAT made me hungy and I just finished a heavy breakfast...

  12. One day I shall see New Zealand on the dark 'winter' evenings. The Town Basin reflections make me feel nostalgic which is rather odd.

    Your seal repair made me smile. I get huge fun out of intentionally mis-interpreting words and phrases. Simple things etc.....


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