Friday, June 10, 2011


This Friday our theme is Flags. The words around this theme focus on the United States where they have National Flag Day, June 14th.

I’m tempted to flag it because New Zealanders are not a flag waving people.  Mention the flag these days and someone will want to debate whether it should be changed, whether it reflects New Zealand as the nation it is today.  And I certainly don’t want to get into that debate.

But I got lucky yesterday.  We had international flags flying at work last week (I was too busy to take photos) and at the end of the event the flags were shoved into a basket and had become crumpled.  I offered to bring them home and hang them on the clothesline to get out the wrinkles before we store them away.  I pegged them up as they came out of the basket.  China beside Wales.  The Chinese flag featured a dragon during the Qing Dynasty, so there is a connection.


Great Britain beside Japan.  There are no rules in my back yard.

on line

I really like the flag of Argentina although I think the smiley face is taking a few liberties with the sun.


And here’s my flag of my homeland, Australia


The remainder are a few I’ve taken around the north.


Te Kohanga Bay

And finally, a very practical flag.  I made my grand-daughters these flags to wave above their heads in an effort to distract an attacking magpie during their nesting season.

You will find the flag photos from the rest of the tFSO team here.
magpie flag1
You will find the flag photos from the rest of the FSO team here.


  1. I love that magpie flag - brilliant. There are days here where I think I need a raven flag!

  2. How serendipitous to take those wrinkled flags home just in time for a My Town Shoot Out. :) And how clever to create magpie-distracting flags for your granddaughters. :)

  3. Glad you included the last. You have composed many grand posts but the magpie flags is my favourite. Thanks for getting our flag the right way up.

  4. Oh I am so bad at recognizing flags (and even worse at calling to mind what the flag of certain country looks like). I had to go to Wikipedia to look up the flag of New Zealand now since you didn't show it! Give me a day or two to forget and I won't be able to tell it apart from Australia's.

    What a great opportunity though to get access to several flags just in time for the FMTSO theme. I was lucky too because Sweden had its flag day this week.

  5. I think you have done a great job with this theme Pauline. what is the flag third from the bottom. I love that setting. I have not heard of having a waving flag to warn off birds before. they must be vicious! and your Flag of Australia is very nice. stars and stripes as we have for the United States Flag.

  6. Pauline you did an amazing job with this theme. Great idea, for sure, about hanging the flags on the clothes line. I see the US flag and appreciate that. I love the international flair of your post. Blessings

  7. Pauline, you did a straight A.

    The rain and bout of viral infection made me a non flag waving kiwi.

  8. Hanging the flags on the clothes line was a great idea! My favorite however is the wee one with the magpie flag.

  9. I like to see flags from many countries – here where I live many people hang the US flag on their homes. In my town I don’t remember seeing any other flag. I tried to take pictures of the Austrian flag and Belgian flags when I was there a few weeks ago and it was very hard to find as people don’t hang flags there, just for special occasions.

  10. So many different flags! :) Great post!

  11. Love seeing all the flags. As payback for "tamales" I now have to google

  12. I've been trying to work out what the third to last flag (orange/black with yellow circle) is. Any idea?


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