Friday, June 17, 2011

FSO–Fishing and/or boating

New Zealand has one of the highest boats per capita ratio in the world with an estimated one in eight persons owning a boat.  Auckland has the highest but I live a good three hour drive from there.
So finding boat shots is not difficult.  Trouble is I think most of the fishermen must be out on the water in those boats.  Or at places best known to fishermen, not me.  So I have just two shots of fishing, taken along the same stretch of beach on different days.


When it comes to boats, there are all sorts, just choose your favourite type.  Oh, and look, there's a flag.  Didn't notice that last week.


There are tiny boats used to get to the bigger boats:

And you usually don’t have to look far to even find dead boats.  I've posted the first of these two before, just love that boat.


Working boats:

working boat leigh

Traditional boats (called a whaka)


I could go on and on but will spare you.  Can't wait to see what the rest of the team has to show us this week.  They will be here.


  1. I like the Maori boat. There is a giant one at Bastion Pont waiting to be restored.

    Do you use the Nother Western Motorway and see the save the titan?

  2. That's one interesting boat ( the last shot)!

  3. The steam launch is grand......but the dead boat is my favourite.

  4. I like images of old boats or abandoned boats. I'd love to find a little row boat for the ponds.

  5. Wow very interesting information. I also knew that NZ has more sheep than any other country? Very pristine sea shore. ^_^


  6. SUPER pictures of boats. I can't even pick a favorite! I think boats are beautiful things, and you have really captured it here.

  7. The Steam Boat took my fancy. I'd love a sail on her.

  8. wow Pauline!! so many fantastic shots I had a hard time picking one. like them all!


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