Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I’ve often wished my folks had made me twins, one of me to quest and roam, the other me to stay at home.  Yesterday afternoon I changed that to the other me to save me from myself.  

I set out for a walk knowing there would be lots of mud after all the recent rain, so I wore my old, old shoes that are usually saved for lawn mowing.  It was a lovely day, some sun, some cloud … and quite warm.  

Above the paddocks down by the creek I saw something I’ve never seen before.  I was on the lookout for the resident pair of Paradise Ducks hoping they were still around as it is still duck shooting season.  

They flew into my shot as I was taking a photo of the poplars looking so silvery against a blue patch of sky.

 But at the same time I heard more sqwarking and honking behind me and there was another pair, flying much lower.

 Then I found myself a spectator in some form of aerial combat.  The higher flying pair were definitely trying to send off the other pair.  I’d like to say they dived out of the sun but stealth didn’t play any part in it.  I think it was more about maintaining the height advantage and making the most threatening noise.  All four disappeared from sight but I could hear them for a long time as I continued on my walk. 

A couple of minutes later I found a beautiful cow pat.  Call me nutty if you will, I thought it was lovely, almost a perfect shell shaped.

 So the signs were looking good for a great walk.  Should have known it was about to turn to custard.  I should have turned around and gone back home the way I’d come when I saw the herd all milling around the gate when they saw me approaching.  No, cows, I’m not coming to move you to another paddock.  Look closer, I’m not the person who does that around here.  


But what did I do?  Instead of taking right hand turn, I went to the left thinking I’d take a photo of them from that little rise behind them, knowing they would probably follow me along the fence line.  


But I always think this is a pretty part of the farm and I rarely take a photo from here.  However, having taken my photo I actually thought for a minute.  If I walked back that way the cows would march along with me back to the gate and then the other way when I turned left.  And I realized they would make a mess in the paddock.  It’s very wet underfoot and my son will not want his grass trampled into the mud even further. 


So I decided to take a bit of an across country path.  Could I get from here to that track going up the hill over there without disturbing the cows even further and without falling into a drain or being zapped by an electric fence?  I could see two drains and lots of marshy ground but decided to give it a go.


I very nearly did.   I thought if I walked half way across this swampy part on that old rotting log, I’d make it the rest of the way easily.  I’d forgotten about momentum, I went too slowly.  Didn’t make that mistake at the next hurdle, I plotted my course, took a deep breath, and hoppity, jumped my way across.  Only to trip and fall flat on my face on the other side.  So now I had a wet foot and a very muddy front.  But my camera was OK.  I put it in it’s case before taking the leap.  


Looking on the bright side, when I finally got back on the track I was already half way up that hill and the cows at the bottom of the hill look as if they have forgotten about me.  


I was quite pleased with myself really.  After all, I hadn’t touched an electric fence.  I managed to do that when I was almost back to the cowshed.  And it was a darn good jolt, too, let me add.  That little mishap ended up with my already wet and muddy foot looking like this:


And, guess what?  Deep down I think I enjoyed every minute of it.  Guess I will continue to leave the sensible half of me at home.


  1. Sometimes a walk turns into a great adventure. This one certainly did.
    I was thinking that you kind of enjoyed all the excitement and that Pauline has a twin that's always ready for a wild walkabout in the country.
    Love the pictures and glad you took us along with you.
    Love the cow patty too...

  2. The sensible one will always be there, waiting for the one having all the fun to come back and drag her along.

  3. oh Pauline, most people stop playing in the mud when they are kids ;)!!! Your farm is just spectacular, and I am sure if I lived there I would venture out every day... sounds like a warm shower was needed in the end though ;)! I always love your photo... they are just so welcoming!
    Have a great week!
    jen xo

  4. A great walk............could have been worse. A very entertaining post.

  5. I’ve often wished my folks had made me twins
    One of me to quest and roam,
    The other me to stay at home.

    Love the poetic start, Pauline!

    If I were on Lewis I would be sending you the perfect card I saw recently and couldn't resist buying. I'll try and remember but as I'll not be on Lewis for 10 days and given my forgetory.....!

    I have to say that the photos of the farm were good to see but your story was one of the funniest I've read for a while. You are becoming another Adrian.

  6. I think if there had really been two of you the one having to stay at home would be a bit jealous of the other one's more adventurous spirit!

    I have similar wishes sometimes but that's been more to do with wanting to leave aching body parts at home. Not that I'd get very far with only the rest!

  7. Sounded like a fun and adventurous walk. Loved the photos and the cows, and even the cow patty ;)

  8. I enjoyed walking with you...mud and all! I'll be back.

  9. Goodness, but you live in a beautiful place - mud and all !! Sarah x

  10. That was a really fun post Pauline! Although, I can't believe you took a picture of a cow pat.

  11. Ah! Cow patties. The joys of walk in the pasture. LOL

    Thank you for taking us along, Pauline. But I want you notice that I didn't get my shoes dirty at all. :)

  12. Now, that sounds like my kind of day out! Love your shots!

  13. That was a lovely walk. Being a city person I really admire the countryside but walking through all those cows? Probably not!
    I loved the pattern of the cowpat and those ducks flying through the trees...... lovely shot.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May


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