Sunday, May 22, 2011

So how was it for you?

So that was what Judgement Day is like?  Thought it might have amounted to a bit more than that!  Imagine how disappointed those who brought into the whole shebang must have felt.

Will you remember it as you do the other life changing events in your life?  Doubt it, somehow.

I admit to thinking what if it really were true, what if this were the last day of my life?  What would I do?  I decided that I’d do exactly what I usually do.  A bit of this and a bit of that.  I even gave some thought to writing something deep and meaningful, give some time to an analysis of my life.  Put that in the too hard basket, just like I usually do.  

I took a few disappointing photos – like I usually do.  None of the cows were meant to look up at the milk tanker or at me!  I wanted them to carry on nonchalantly munching grass as the tanker trundled past.   That was about the worst thing that happened all day.  On the other hand the tanker driver gave  the lady with the camera a cheerful wave.


Went for a walk – like I usually do.  Got up close and personal with a neighbour.  No, I don’t usually do that!


Did a bit of housework, the laundry, a bit of reading, a bit of gardening.  

And just generally gave thanks that I am alive and live a great life. 

So how was it for you?


  1. I ended life for a whole lot of weeds - but that was about as earth-shattering as it got here.

  2. I was a bit nervous this morning for some reason but, as the day went on, and there were no earthquakes, power outages or zombies walking around, I relaxed and did some laundry... and then, when I thought it was safe, went to K-Mart.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. Given the fact that apparently everyone survived it simply proves what a wicked lot we are!

    You poor photos!? You are beginning to sound like Adrian!

  4. Did someone predict yesterday to be the end of the world? If there was a warning, I was happily unaware of it! And I seem to have survived.

  5. Oh yes Pauline, it was all a bit mad wasn't it!! My hubby used to work for a Chinese man that built a $4,000,000 bunker for the end of the world. He was right into it, he had investors and people on his waiting list ....we were wondering last night if they get a refund?!!
    Have a great week!!

  6. Hi Pauline!I love the photos of where you live - gorgeous!! And you have a very good looking neighbour!Your post made me smile!I spent my day in much the same way as you - pottering about.Glad we all survived tho' !! Sarah x

  7. Hello Pauline,

    Bonnie told me we had about 35 minutes to live. I went and put the kettle on. It was a nice cuppa.
    I can't believe that some people sold up everthing.
    Heres to tomorrow and plenty more of them.

  8. Okay I've been reading up on this now on the internet. I hadn't got a clue when I first read this post what you were referring to. Perhaps Sweden was considered so secularized it wasn't even worth while giving us a warning.

  9. I liked that - just generally give thanks that I am alive and live a great life. Lovely sentiment.

    How odd it must be to live your life in fear and waiting like some religious zealots seem to do - sad I think


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