Saturday, May 7, 2011

FSO Cinco De Mayo or Mothers Day

I’ve never before heard of Cinco De Mayo, so I’m going to stick with Mother’s Day.  Strange, even now, after 44 year of mothering I still always think of my mother first on Mothers Day.  Don’t feel I’ve quite earned my badge yet.

For my own entertainment on Mothers Day, I linked to a post I forgot to publish.  And I'm not even a great-grandmother yet.  Imagine the possibilities! 

I sometimes get a bit over impressed with myself for raising four wonderful children.  My mother raised 12 of them.  Yes, you heard it right, 12.  Twelve fine adults (I’ll include myself in there) and do you know what I think is the most remarkable thing about my siblings?  We all like each other.  Love, yes - and like.  We delight in the occasions we can get together with our children and grandchildren.  And there is never a judgemental comment, never a cross word.  No, that’s not true.  About ten years ago I snapped at my brother Peter when a bunch of us were out to dinner but he knew what I was really cross about and laughed it off.  

I live a long way across an ocean from my mother so can’t pop over for up to date photos.  But here is my tribute to my mother on Mother’s Day.

These were taken at my parents 60th wedding anniversary in June 05.  The photos aren't the best but I don't care.

Take 12 children:
12 kids

Add partners:
Family & partners

Add grandkids and great-grandkids:
Kids & grandkids

And that's some legacy! No wonder they got a letter from the queen and various dignitaries.

june05 grandkids
Surrounded by grandkids and love.

Thanks to my oldest cousin, Marie Krantz for doing these calculations.

By the time Janet, my youngest sister, was on solids Mum was turning out 13,140 childrens' meals a year and 2,190 for Dad and herself. Working on 10 nappies a day in the days before disposables, she would have changed, washed and folded 3.650 for me in my first 12 months. So in the first 12 months of their lives ,12 children were probably responsible for at least 43,800 nappies.

And, even today, her fingers are never still.

with needles

Happy Mother's Day, Mum.

To see more photography on the topic Cinco De Mayo or Mothers Day just pop over here.


  1. Twelve is a lot of kids! She must a GREAT lady to have raised that many who still love and like each other after all these years. :)

  2. How blessed you are, you can see the love and joy in your family photos. Have a great weekend Pauline!

  3. yes the link worked this time. What wonderful family photos. 43,800 diapers - wow!
    I washed by hand diapers for only two babies, and that was enough for me.
    have a great Mother's day.

  4. I was able to see the link the first time -- but my comment probably didn't go through. I can't remember what it was now -- something about the great multiplication of family shots.

  5. This is a wonderful tribute to you "Mum" and your whole family. She and your dad must have been really good people to raise that many children that still love each other.
    It's amazing how may diapers she washed raising twelve babies. I actually remember using cloth diapers for my children. I guess that makes me an oldster too. I thought two kids, five years apart was a lot of work. I will never complain about this again.
    Happy Mother's Day....

  6. I can't even begin to imagine it. I have one brother but neither of us have children. My father had no siblings and my mother only one. Two cousins I've hardly had any contact with since we were kids.

  7. Happy Mother's day to all the mums in your family esp to your mum.

    I send her a letter too.

  8. You have such a big family , remind me of my grandparent's time. MY mom only had 5 but 2 died . Happy mother's day to you too.

  9. What a lovely tribute to you MOM. Happy Mother's day to you and to all the Mom in your family!


  10. 'Impressive!' is the word that comes into my mind.

  11. I know I am very grateful to know one of the wonderful children your Mum raised. Happy Mother's Day to you Pauline. You too, have raised wonderful children.

  12. oh Pauline.... what a big family!! I am always in awe of huge families. I have one brother and one sister.


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