Monday, April 4, 2011

Pretend Party

For me there’s nothing quite like an occasion that brings family and friends together.   I’m thankful that my children and their partners feel the same.

Our most recent occasion has been my daughter-in-law’s 40th birthday celebrations.  Danny and Heather hired the lodge in the native conservation forest beside us for the night.  The lodge is owned by the Lions Clubs of Northland as an outdoor education centre, the perfect venue for such gatherings.  As we live quite a drive from ‘civilisation’ it’s great to have a place like this where guests can party and then stay the night. 

Photo courtesy of the lodge website

Heather chose City Gangster meets the Wild West as the theme for her party.  The great majority of guests got into the spirit of the occasion and came in fancy dress.  I laughed at my niece Paulette who had her dress and shoes, then raided her mother-in-law’s dress up box to complete her outfit.  That’s her in the ‘dress ups’ hat, fur and gloves with her sister, brother-in-law, my son-in-law and grandson in this photo.


Danny and Heather with my daughter Leone (doesn’t she make a great man?) looking on:

It seems everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, loves to dress up. 


  1. I'll out myself.....I love a good costume party. Every other summer, our Dinner in the Garden has a theme and guests come in costume - the other years it's just summer attire.

  2. Beautiful people in a beautiful place.

  3. Well that and the memories of it should help you all through the winter. Again your people are in a class of their own.

  4. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time! A great idea to rent the lodge so everyone can have just one too many and not have to drive home. Great photos, great memories.

  5. What fun pictures! It looks like everyone had a great time!

  6. Wait for me, I am coming from Auckland with a giant platter of spring rolls with choko camoflaged so you won't even know. hehehe

    I didn't celebrate my 40th, my dad said, once he was in Australia, a friend was celebrating her 40th. She hid in her room was crying and refused to come out. My sis-in-law explained to my Chinese dad, she didn't want to turn 40.

    You all had great fun judging from the photos.

  7. Hello Pauline,

    Love the outfits, the perfect location was chosen too. Happy Birthday to Heather.

  8. Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves! My 40th was the only really big party like that I ever had (but not a dress-up one).

  9. What a party! I think your family must have had a great mom to inspire them. Fun and family together seems like a perfect way to celebrate a birthday!


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