Saturday, April 23, 2011

My new mate

Am I imagining it or does Sammy look a bit sad.  He’s been a visitor at my house since he was a pup.  Until my old dog died, they were constant companions.   Since Lewey died he’s continued to make this his second home.  He’s assumed Lewey’s “Top Dog” position.  When The boss was here Sammy had to sleep on the second step but it didn’t take him long to claim the top step for himself.   

Last night Sammy’s family left for a holiday in Australia.  Today Sammy hasn’t left my side, maybe it’s my imagination but I thought he looked a bit sad.  

 He accompanied me when I went up to the family’s house to feed the animals this evening.   The cows were wandering back to their paddock after milking:

 As I walked through a paddock on my way home I heard a plaintive meow, looked around and there was one of the kittens that had decided that my house would be better than a house minus children.  

ginger cat
 She’s still here making a proper nuisance of herself. Won't hurt me to be nice to her I guess.  Don't worry I'm not near as tough as I make out!


  1. Smashing good as your people shots.

  2. Pauline you will have a houseful by the time your neighbours get back. I enjoyed the pictures yo shared with us today. Happy Easter!

  3. Yes. Sammy does look sad. He shouldn't be with all the attention he gets from you! As for the kitten.... I suspect it's found a new home - whether the owner likes it or not!

  4. Fab photos Pauline! Sammy does look a bit sad, but I am sure you will care for him properly while is family is on vacation.


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