Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kiss a frog day

Today is Save the Frogs Day.   All girls know you have to kiss a few frogs to find a prince.   No jokes about princesses and frogs please - the groom's father has heard them all before.

It was teenager Lucy’s first ever royal wedding.  

We were a bit lacking in frogs, chandeliers, dainty cucumber and fennel pollen sandwiches  and quails eggs but we didn’t miss the chance of a bit of fun.   Very different from watching Princess Margaret’s wedding in hushed silence on a neighbour’s TV (my family didn’t have one) when I was just slightly younger than Lucy.

concentratingLucy in deep concentration decorating the wedding cake

 We had princesses and a few frogettes:

liz and sister

And, yes, we liked the dress!  And isn’t that what it was all about?


  1. I'm a bit blasé since we had our own royal wedding as late as last June when our crown princess got married ;) I did watch most of yesterdays ceremony too, though. Without hat, but still.

  2. Do you lot do anything but drink and party? It's good to see people enjoying themselves.

  3. "fennel pollen sandwiches" Eh? Presumably they have an allergy warning! Like the hat! Good excuse to party although I missed it all - went shopping. Shops were pretty empty!!

  4. Hello Pauline,

    Lovely comment by Adrian!!! Glad to see you all having fun. Chocolate crackles,haven't had one of those for years. Love Lucy's new headgear.
    happy days.

  5. You must have had a really enjoyable afternoon. It's interesting to see how everyone celebrated. I was awake at 2 am and had a front row seat but didn't dress up until later in the day when I went to the hospital strawberry tea. The big screen tv replayed the Royal Wedding but we should have worn our white gloves! I took quite a few pictures and was amazed at how well they worked once the tv screen was cropped out!

  6. remember, a promise is a promise, A promise to a frog is still a frog.

    I have seen a froglet in NZ only once. My friend had this tadpole for many season, it never grow further. We called it a froglet.

  7. I went to the wedding, via my wide screen TV and took photos with my long distance from USA to UK lens. i did a post on my wedding watch, it is yesterdays post. love the Kate cake and gad you enjoyed it. i was all alone watching, but i watched all of it. loved the dresses and hats and horses and carriage

  8. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Any excuse for a party!

  9. We had high tea too! I wish I'd remembered the chocolate crackles!


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