Sunday, April 24, 2011

It’s a takeover

Easter Sunday and if there were any bunnies on the loose they probably would have found their way to my place.  My grandchildrens’ dog and cat have taken up residence.  One has slept most of the day on a seat on the deck and the other has taken over the lounge chair, not just anywhere but where I sit on that lounge chair.  She nestles herself between my left shoulder and side arm, right beside my left ear.  When I get up she is so drowsy her bum slides down into the chair and she looks at me as if trying to understand why I have upset her slumber.  

She has slept there most of the day.  Wish it had been all day as I can now testify its dangerous to have something wrapping itself around your legs when walking down stairs.  I called her when I left to walk up to her home to feed the other animals but she stayed put.   The other kitten was happy to see me but wasn’t tempted to follow me back home – thank heavens!  The rest of the menagerie live in cages, or bowls.  The birds were singing, the guinea pigs were sleepy and the turtle just looked like a turtle.  So I guess all is well. 

Sammy came for a walk with me around the farm, not running off investigating every smell like he usually does but staying at my heels.  I think he is missing the girls.  The day has been dull and overcast but pleasant enough with my new found friends.   The only photos I took were from up at the house but the sky doesn’t look near as dramatic in the them as it really was.   Hope the good weather holds for the holiday makers enjoying the Easter break but I suspect there is rain on the way.  



  1. A lovely looking cat. Happy Easter.

  2. These are fabulous photos Pauline. You live in a beautiful part of the world and i always enjoy seeing glimpses of it. I agree that the connections we make in this world of blogging are so fascinating. Thanks for commenting on my church blog. I am posting about family history once in awhile just to share the interesting stories. I know you enjoyed your visit to Victoria. I would like to be there now in the springtime. It's a different world in Alberta! Happy Easter and hope the sun shines for you.

  3. I am not a cat person, but that one is really interesting. Well, maybe it was the photographer that made her look so good!


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