Friday, April 15, 2011

FSO - Places of Worship

The theme for April 15th is Temples, Churches, Synagogues, Houses of Prayer.

Synagogues – I’m reasonably sure there is no synagogue in the north although I found a reference on the net to “about 100” Jews living in the area in December, 2000.   

But we do have a temple.  Jam Tse Dhargyey Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre sits high on a hill just north of Whangarei with panoramic views over the city and beyond.  

stupa from road
The 'stupa' from below

from abovefrom above, a small shrine and the ‘stupa’ with the monks’ pizza oven a little to the left (seems to me that these monks have a sense of humour).


(You can see how changeable the autumn weather is by the difference in the sky in just a few minutes)

Anyone who has been visiting my blog for a while knows that I love the humble little wooden churches of the north of New Zealand where I live.  Sometimes they appear in a paddock beside a back road, looking sad and neglected.  There's something about their simplicity that I love, often it's a nice addition to the simpleness of their rural surroundings. 

I am constantly touched by their humble plainness, by the quietness, the stillness of their plain and simple interiors.  Sometimes a perfectly ordinary exterior reveals magnificent native timbers inside.  Of all the altars I’ve seen this, made from kauri I think, is the loveliest.  

 And, quite often, there is a wonderful mix of the European and Maori cultures:

st francis1

I have chosen St Barnabas at Peria as an example of these humble little churches.  Last time I visited, it looked very sad indeed but inside we found two dedicated parishioners taking down the curtains behind the altar after its recent de-consecration in preparation for a ‘make over”.

St b peria
To see lots of places or prayer from other parts of the world, just pop over here.


  1. The temple was build in the perfect spot for capturing gorgeous views, inspiring awe.

    Many older churches have been made over here. One down the street is now a private home and another down the highway is a pizza parlour!

  2. beautiful and my most favorite is the last photo. you will see my most favorites on my post are very much like this one. i love old, small plain frame churches.

  3. An interesting selection! I'm not sure if we have a synagogue either, and if we have a buddhist temple it does not look like one. The moslems don't have a proper mosque either. (They have in a few towns but not here.)

  4. These are beautiful. I also like the simplicity. And the last shot needs to be framed!

  5. your last photo is wonderful, classic Pauline.
    I've been to visit about 10 posts this morning, so I can't remember which one.... but I made a comment that I think holds true. these older, simpler churches where built by those that worshiped in them. they designed and got out on the appointed day and raised the church. built with love and with need. not at all like the high priced / commercial churches of today.
    nice post.

  6. These are great photos, For some reason I like the last one. There's a church in my FTSO that has stained glass windows, they are similar.

  7. Well the temple certainly has the stunning views!

    As you know I share your love of church buildings - they are so often oases of peace in our frantic world. It's a shame that their occupants over the millennia have not been as tranquil.

  8. Love the view from the temple, so stunning!

  9. Hi Pauline, I guess I missed your post when I went through the FSO. Thanks so much for stopping by. That was a lovely post. The inside of that chapel and that altar is beautiful. Hope your days are filled with sunshine now as I are getting there. BTW, the flowers in my prayer space are beside my fish pond and they are indeed tulips. They will be gone soon and I will put a container full of red Geraniums there.Blessings

  10. Very beautiful Pauline! Thanks for sharing!


  11. I really like the wooden church and the last church too. well doone!

  12. I like the Buddhist temple, good photography.

  13. Love all those different types of places of worship. especially the wooden church on the hill.
    We have all types of places of worship where I live..... but not as pretty as yours!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  14. Love your little, quaint, wooden church, especially with the cemetery so close by as a constant reminder that we finally "return to dust" some day. Tks for sharing.


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