Saturday, April 23, 2011

The fog’s back

I’m not a morning person, never have been, even as a child, as my siblings will attest.   Those extra few minutes in bed each morning always have been (and still are) the best. 

I’ve never liked winter much either.  Didn’t know what it was really when I was a child as I grew up in Brisbane, Australia, not exactly a winter wonderland.  And then lived in tropical North Queensland.  My first winters in New Zealand were very hard for me.   How would I have survived, no how would anyone have survived my complaints, had I been transplanted anywhere except the north of the country?

But since I’ve lived here, near these mountains, in winter I sometimes get out of bed a few minutes early so I will have time to stop on the way to work and take photos of the fog.  It’s taken a long time but finally I appreciate winter mornings.   Not that it’s winter yet but we’re getting there.



  1. Wonderful. My kind of photos. And I so love those mountains.

  2. I love fog and it is something we very rarely see in the dry desert. I hate winter too, hence why I live in the desert! Mornings are another thing for me though...I LOVE THEM! I sometimes even get up earlier on the weekends than during the week, so I can enjoy them.


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