Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Different View

Today I saw the Uppity Downity Mountains from a different angle.   They are the mountains of the Tangihua Forest next to where I live.  I've called them the Uppity Downities since the first time I saw them.  I imagine all sorts of mystical, magical things taking place in their misty valleys. 

They stand out for miles around.  I've seen them from the West Coast and the East Coast (the North Island is quite narrow here).  Always they speak of  happiness and 'home'. 

Today I visited a temple to take photos for Fridays Shoot Out and feel strangely comforted that the beautiful temple looks out over my Uppity Downities. 

The Vodafone tower that I look at every day is on the peak behind and just to the right of the highest hill in the foreground on the left.  I can see it because I know its there but you may not be able to.  You were right, Chris, it was the peak you thought it was.


  1. It is a gorgeous country you live in.

  2. I agree with Adrian, the mountains are something else.

  3. I always enjoy your countryside shots - you live in a beautiful place.

  4. Hello Pauline,

    I hope you have called your home "Uppity Downities.
    Happy days.

  5. Pauline, these are gorgeous mountains. What a great view.

  6. Gorgeous view. Wish I had mountains like that to look out on.

  7. Blue mountains are always awesome to me - majestic, regal and inspiring.Tks for sharing.


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