Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Seven year old Georgia came in after school yesterday positively glowing with happiness. 

“Did you know that when a dog dies he becomes another day?” she asked.

I had to confess that no, I didn’t know and enquired how she knew that.

Georgia explained that Miss Phillips (her teacher) has a new puppy that she had taken to school to show the children and the puppy looks just like my old Lewey (who died 3 weeks ago), same colour, except a bit more brown and her name is Loui.  “So it’s just Lewey’s bones that are buried there under that new bush in the garden, really he’s alive and living with Miss Phillips.”   Only one thing about all this puzzled her, how did Lewey get to be a girl after being a boy?  The rest of it was perfectly logical to her it seems.   I wonder if she shared her philosophy with Miss Phillips?  I know it brightened my day.

What brightened my day today was this sight as I drove home from work.   When I first spotted them they were marching steadily towards me down the middle of the road.  I stopped thinking the rest of the flock would be close behind and the farmer would not want me to frighten them into disappearing down off the road.  But no, they were alone and when they saw me they stopped too and looked at me, milled around a bit, uncertain about where to go next.  I don’t give sheep credit for having too many brains (having worked closely with them for a few years) and their uncertainty amused me.  It was like they had busted out and been happy with their outing until this happened.

sheep 2011

I crept past and called in to the house of the sheep farmer just a bit further down the road but there was no-one home.   Hopefully he found them before they ventured much further.


  1. Another amusing post. They can be dumb creatures at times.

  2. Awwww, Georgia must really miss Lewey to put that connection together. Very sweet. Sheep....yep, not the smartest creatures on the

  3. There is nothing like getting stopped by a herd of animals. Puts thing into a proper perspective.
    I like the idea of dogs coming back again. I hope it true. Doesn't matter if they come back as male or female.... the soul has no gender.
    Lovely photos.

  4. Sheep and brains in the same sentence is a rather unusual combination in my mind. Except, that is, on a menu. (Not that, I hasten to add, I'd ever taste one!).

  5. I think your granddaughter is brilliant to have figured out a connection like that. I'm glad it makes her happy and that her explanation brightened your day. It makes me wonder about the little children of Japan and how they will sort things out in their minds.

  6. Really enjoyed today's post with the story about your granddaughter and the puppy. That story is a smile for sure. As for the sheep, city folks (like myself) probably don't realize how much effort goes into keeping animals well cared for. Thank you for posting and sharing and for your comments on my blog as well. Best to you from Seattle. John

  7. A great blog that is, the sheep, well, we all know what a sheep does.


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