Friday, March 25, 2011


The colour yellow is the topic for this week's Friday Shoot Out.

I live with my moment of yellow madness.  A few years ago I got a bit down during a bleak winter and the lack of colour around me and decided I simply had to brighten myself somehow.  I’m sure there could have been a lot of solutions – mine was to paint my fridge a bright, sunshiny yellow.  Once upon a time I didn’t keep my fridge covered with invitations, photos, kids art work, etc but I do now to tone down the colour a bit.  

 Not long after I ran amok with the paint, a visitor who was into colour therapy enquired about my health and explained that yellow relates to the solar plexus chakra and listed off problems associated with this area.  One of them was gall stones.  I was pretty stunned – I was having major gall stone problems and waiting for surgery.  Was I more in touch with my body than I realized?

I could have done worse.  This depicts a bit more accurately how I was feeling at the time:

van art

I still think yellow is a bright, happy colour although I will add that it looks better on the beach than it does in the kitchen:

on the beach
 I’ve posted a photo of this moth before but couldn’t go past it’s beautiful soft yellows to illustrate the lovely yellows we find in nature.  GB tells me it is a non-native Slender Burnished Brass (what a wonderful name) which came from West Africa to Australia and arrived here in 1984. It's now common in the north of the country. The caterpillars eat soy-bean plants, potatoes, parsley, carrots and cabbage.

Sandstone rock formation:
rock formation
  It took a craftsman to release the natural colours of this piece of native timber:
wood art
Yellows always look lovely in the garden whether as primary or complimentary colours:


I love the splashes of yellow added to these pieces of Polynesian art that grace the walls of the marae (meeting place) where I work.


We see splashes of yellow around the farm.  Just as a yellow flag is used in car racing to signal caution, we use a yellow plastic handle to grip to take down an electric fence.  Until you get the hang of it caution is recommended. 

elec fence

I read that yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness.  As in this next shot perhaps?

church window

I really enjoyed this topic.  If you love the colour yellow, pop over here to see the photos of the rest of FSO members.


  1. I agree, yellow is a happy color and whether in nature or man made it's radiance demands attention. I love it in nature most of all. This is such a special collection of photos from the fridge to the stained glass window! Exceptional photos.

  2. I love your blog, all I can say is WOW, You are very talented. I've gone back and looked at your blog 2 times. I love the moth, but still WOW, Great

  3. A great post for the yellow theme. Love the stained glass. Some great photos.

  4. i liked the range of yellowy topics here, but i'll be thinking about that color therapy for a while...i especially like the moth.

  5. I painted my living room a soft. pale yellow a few years ago and I love it. It's warm and cheerful. It's a great color.
    Love the photos....

  6. Hooray for the yellow fridge -- although boo for the gallstones. The electric fence handle is a bit shocking. Great shoot.

  7. Don't cover that fridge up too much: I like it that you painted it yellow! Wow, that van painted like a tiger is impressive and I wonder who drives it.

    Most of all I like your moth, even if it doesn't really belong in NZ.

  8. The beach photo is stunning... I love the yellow fridge. I did something similar, was bored and depressed and painted my great room focal wall Palmetto Green which is pretty bright but we now love it!

  9. I always see yellow as a cheerful and happy colour, love all your wonderful photos.

  10. You are lucky you are not married to my husband. He doesn't even like me put magnets. LOL

    Hope it is not too wet up north.

  11. You have done us proud with this set. The octopus is just great.

  12. My favourites are the stained glass window and the beach picture with the children and their toys. I also think yellow is a good colour in a kitchen. I went to a lecture about colours in interior decoration once (nothing to do with chakras) - actually to do with choosing colours in hospitals especially. Yellow does stimulate us and it is a good colour to brighten a dark room or where you want a sunny feeling. I have yellow curtains in my kitchen (except in the winter when I change to red and white around Christmas). A bit easier to change than to repaint the fridge according to mood ;)

  13. i like all of your yellow including your fridge story. i have nothing yellow in my house at all, not one piece of it. i like yellow flowers a lot. in the 60's i had a yellow gold fridge but it came that way. we painted our aqua stove and oven because it did not match the fridge. i like the carving, what talent. and the children with the pails is a wonderful capture.

  14. Ooooo wonderful hon!! Such unusual art..beautiful really and exciting! I love the yellow fridge..cause mine is know those new sleek kind..I think yellow would be so fun! I do love yellow..and green!
    Wonderful shootout hon! Hugs, Sarah

  15. Lovely yellows, Pauline! I love the look of sandstone, too, reminds me of the beaches of my home town.
    A friend of mine redid his kitchen with all the appliances in fire-engine RED. I would hate to have breakfast there every day.

  16. Yay I like that photo where the kids played at the beach. It's the time again ^_^ Happy weekend!


  17. Pauline, I get the biggest kick out of your blog. your sense of humor tickles me and I always have a smile on my face. I really like that sandstone rock formation. It has great color and texture. I think it's beautiful.

  18. I like the moth especially - but the I would because I like moths. We get the same moths here too.

  19. Pauline - you've certainly found lots of yellow photos to comment on. My favorite is the children on the beach. The sandstone rock formation is amazing! I enjoyed seeing the artwork in the new word for the day - thanks!

  20. what a great shoot out Pauline!! I love the sandstone and the murals in your meeting room. that must be nice to have such color and decoration in a meeting room. ours are drab, I guess so you will not be distracted....... lol

  21. Yellow is such a cheerful color. Great idea about the fridge. I have a lot of sun flowers as decor in my home to make it more cheerful.

  22. Quite a collection. I like the sandstone photo. The close up makes it really interesting.


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