Sunday, March 20, 2011

Exit summer

Summer is exiting in a very gentle manner.   I hope that means she will be followed by a gentle winter.  For now, that’s what I choose to believe. 

Three evenings in a row we have had glorious sunsets.  None of the fiery colours of summer, even when these threaten rain there is a softer quality to them. 

18 March 111 
Friday evening

Yesterday evening the sunset wrapped three quarters of the way around my world.



This evening the show was softer.  It’s hard to take the weather bureau forecast of heavy rain tomorrow seriously.
20 Mar 2


  1. If you can't shoot people then carry on with these. A wonderful set.

  2. One never gets tired of those colour shows, does one! Not to be trusted as forecast of the new day though, I had an example of that this past week. Lovely spring sunset on Thursday - woke up to 10 cm of new snow on Friday. I do hope your winter will be gentle on you!

  3. Wonderful sunsets - you're surrounded by colour. We enjoyed the exceptional moon last night. It lit up the sky like never before, but alas, no photos.

  4. These photos are so lovely Pauline. They would be fabulous as a grouping on a wall...thanks for sharing your view of the sky.

  5. Hi Pauline - What was I thinking ? Thanks for the reminder - of course - sometimes I should take a little more time and reread my blog before I post it. I hope you have a lovely Autumn and I will correct my blog post now! Thanks for being my editor tonight!

  6. Just stunning Pauline,and the best part it cost nothing to enjoy those views. Rain??? We had thunder a while back but nothing else. Enjoy the views.

  7. Beautiful Pauline. I really do enjoy your photos.

  8. Magnificent series of the sunsets.


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