Thursday, February 3, 2011

Horses' tail tea, madam?

The lady in the organics shop told me Horse Tail Tea can help strengthen bones and stimulate blood flow.

The first time I offered a nice cup of tea to little Georgia while we were playing Fancy Ladies, I told her it was horses' tails tea, thinking she is too young to drink tea anyway and the name would turn her off. 

Not at all - she loved the name!  I then discovered that you should avoid it if you have high blood pressure and that young children should not drink it.  So we now drink a very weak brew because it's not really the taste but the name we love.

Yesterday we made muffins and she announced the Fancy Ladies should have a cup of horses' tails and a muffin on a plate.   Now I'm sure you will agree, you can't get much fancier than that!

As well as being a Fancy Lady, Georgia also took the roles of waitress and chef.  Me, I can only play one role at a time and Fancy Lady is a big enough challenge for me.   Adrian mentioned yesterday that the tea cups might never be the same again after my wild ride down the luge but I can play different roles - on different days!

Georgia settled me comfortably at the table and plonked a table napkin in my hand and took my order.  The waitress and the chef had a little discussion in the kitchen about whether the muffins were too warm, then the waitress delivered them to the table. 


The tea was poured with a flourish from our special tea pot (on the bench behind her) and she sipped her tea in a very lady like fashion:

She then insisted on a photo of me to mark the occasion.  I think a real Fancy Lady might have done her hair and put on some lippy.

The other Fancy Lady smiled her satisfaction with the tea:

We then remembered that I hadn't yet taken a photo of the birthday present she gave me.  She chose a pukeko "because we have them around here and they are native birds."   We finally chose a perfect position for it in the garden, in amongst the shrubs so it has somewhere to hide if there are people around.

What a lovely afternoon we had!  There's no better place than Pretend Land.


  1. What a special afternoon tea - a lovely time for the two of you lucky ladies! "Tea for two and two for tea..."

  2. You are, indeed, a fancy lady - I noticed the beautiful nails. You put me to shame. A real tea-drinking Fancy Lady always has nice nails.

  3. Pauline, hi
    You're both very beautiful!!!!
    The photos and the reportage lovely, family!!!
    Thank you !

  4. Fabulous. My six year old wants to goa 'camping' in the shed this weekend. I shall enjoy that too.

  5. The story reminds me of my paternal grandmother when I was little. She was better than any other grown-up person I knew at playing along with my fantasy games.

  6. I would I could have spent time like that with my grandparents when I was young. She is not only a beautiful girl she is very lucky to have you as a grandma. You look great too Pauline!!

  7. Georgia at her beautiful best. Wonderful. She's a lucky girl having you there.


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