Friday, February 11, 2011

FSO–Frame your Photo

Back in December Rebecca, who shares her photography genius with us occasionally, hinted that we could add interest to your photos by framing them before we take them.  She suggested we could use the environment to create a frame for our subjects.

I’ve been practising and occasionally “get” it.

The beach framed by the path that leads to it.  I was aiming to frame the small figure at the water edge but I think the frame is a little out of proportion for that.

Here are a few others:




framed in sand
 And one more that didn’t really work.  I wanted to frame the fishermen with the children playing.  I crouched as low as I could but to do it successfully would have had to lay on my stomach on the wet sand.  Whales have been stranded on this beach and I didn’t want to alarm the locals!

2 kids feb 11

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the rest of the FSO team got on this week.  Just go here if you'd like to see, too.


  1. Pauline, these are all fantastic. I think the last photo works. It's also very cute. I really like the path to the beach though, that is really awesome and nicely framed. And the family on the grass you framed with the trees is also very good. Love them all, what can I say?

  2. Wow! These are all super! The first one is a multiple study of Framing all the way down to the beach with the fence, the pathway and the trees. Stunning! Although you may have not completely framed the fisherman in the last photo, you sure framed the beach with the kids reflection and sand covered legs. The color in that photo is amazing! Love them all....Well done!

  3. Great!! What is that basket with the stones?

    I always admire such good reflection photos like your last one.

  4. These are beautiful pictures Pauline. The first one is cool in the way it leads up to the beach and ocean, and it reminds me of places on the Oregon coast.

  5. Nice work! I think you've got it.
    I love the last photo but I think you could have blurred the background. The focus seems to be the two people in the distance.
    The children in front lost their heads in the sand. The reflection is wonderful but it's not all there.
    Your comment about the beached whales was hilarious.

  6. I love the third and excel with people in your shots.

  7. I think the last shot is excellent, and the others too.

  8. Dear pauline, hi
    Fantastic photos and very nice places and childrens !!!

  9. I agree framing our photo makes it more beautiful. And your shots are fantastic love it.
    Frame Me

  10. Good job. I like this. So good to learn new things. I am not a trained photographer for sure but love learning.

  11. I like the picture with the doorway - it makes me think 'what's inside'

    Square format photographs are excellent too - and take you away from teh stereotypical 'window' view. Many portrait painters used to use oval canvasses - as on some broaches - as a way of shaping the image around the subject

  12. came rushing through last night and didn't leave a comment - but with my coffee this morning here goes.... don't you love this topic... basically what we are doing is 'framing' our towns. I love it. the first photo is my fav.

  13. Fantastic shots and I enjoyed all of them.

  14. You really made me laugh. Your funny! My favorite one is the frist, I love the beach and you framed it beautifully. All the photos are great!

  15. I hardly think anyone would mistake you for a whale! like your sense of humor. fantastic shots!! I like the way the last one turned out. also like the scenic outlook. who is your model?

  16. Photo framing, my kind of thing when I get the chance. These are all very good in their own right but as a traditionalist on this theme, I love number 1 with it's main subject. You have Adrian to thank for my visit.

  17. I have never tried the framing with environment thing. I will have to give it a shot. Nice photographs.


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