Friday, February 4, 2011


I’m not a collector.  No, not of anything.  A dear friend reminds me of a bowerbird, forever picking up bright, shiny objects to take home to decorate herself and her nest.   

Me, I’m more like the thrush that builds her nest in the passionfruit vine outside my kitchen window.  Our nests are neat and practical, using basic materials.   

And there aren’t any real collectors in my family either.  One of my grand-daughter collects bangles:


Another picks up rocks and stones and carts them back to me for my garden.   Occasionally she finds a real treasure like this piece of kauri gum.  The gum is the resin that leaks from the bark of the kauri tree and then hardens as it is exposed to air.

kauri gum

Occasionally I collect sea shells as I walk along the beach and make them into …. how to describe them …. sort of hanging ornaments.  This one is on my front deck (where it collects spider’s webs).


But I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the FSO team collects.  Just go here to check them out.
I do enjoy looking at the collections of others, have just never felt the urge to do it myself.


  1. What a great idea - and what unusual shells.
    I'm a bit of a collector, but I am able to let things go, so it's not a big problem!

  2. Oh Pauline...You are a just has to see the beautiful photos you take and share with us each week to know about your amazing archives...a Collection of Your Photos! Today you have added THREE more Fantastic Shots to your Collection!

  3. I ma wearing teo pink support breast cancer research bangs.

    What are you doing this weekend? I am going to stay in a Marae.

  4. I love your seashell collections! I'm living in an island but shells around our beaches are nothing as big and beautiful as yours!

    And that collection of your grand daughter- I would keep them too just because I love the colors.

  5. I have seashell colection, because i love so mach the see !!
    Your photos are amazing, colored, lovely and in love your reportage with much homour !!!

  6. I like your collection of sea shells. the resin from that tree that hardens into a crystal like stone is amazing to me! I don't collect things either, unless all my books count.

  7. Nice collection of sea shells! I do like walking along a beach looking for shells, but it's been a while since I last had the opportunity. And we don't get many of "your" kind of shells, mostly just flat ones.

  8. photos are too cool. love the resin and the bangles. too bad I wasn't in Houston my granddaughter has silver bangles and ear rings and everything else you can imagine.

  9. I believe you ARE a collector!
    I certainly am and you'd think I was such an untidy person! All my family are the same.
    Love the bangles and the shells.
    At first I thought that stone with the dried on gum was a meat chop! Looked very like one.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  10. My brother is an ardent (I just hesitate to say compulsive obsessive) collector. Discussing this recently I said that I couldn't understand collecting as a hobby. Then CJ pointed out my books and CDs. Hmmm. I think books and CDs are exempt.

  11. As usual a wonderful post; I'd love to know how you strung the seashells.

  12. Camella, when I'm picking up these shells I always choose ones with a hole in them so I can string them onto old wire. I pick up pieces or wire from around the farm. I think I'm more of a gatherer than a collector!


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