Friday, February 18, 2011

FSO - Twisted. Curly. Contorted. Wound Spirally.

A regular sight around the farm are electric fence standards.  Take a bunch of standards, push the staked ends into the ground, repeat every few yards until you have a fence line,  attached one end of a length of wire to an existing fence, thread the other end through the curly ends, attach it to a power source and wallah, an instant fence, which is well respected by animals.   So well respected that sometimes the fence does not even have to be ‘alive’ and the animals will stay away from it.

elec fence

My passionfruit vine is really thriving, producing loads of scrumptious fruit at the moment.  But it still has plenty of energy for producing little tendrils in search of something else to attach themselves to:

As they unwind, they reach out to find a host.

It doesn't seem that long ago that where there is now fruit, there were these beautiful flowers:

Yap, I pretty well love everything about my passionfruit vine.

During the week I thought I had lost my camera.  I went through several days in a state of mild panic trying, trying, trying to remember when I had last used it.  Today I found it.  Hanging in a bag behind the door in my office at work. 

Anyway, the point is, I haven't been out looking for subjects for this topic.   I've been looking for my camera.
So this afternoon I've been looking around for things to fit the bill.

I stumbled on the vacuum cleaner hose. 


Sitting in the paddock beside my house is an unsightly power pole with some serious attachments.  Or maybe that a serious power pole with some unsightly attachments.  Plenty of twisted, curly bits there.

Finally, I thought, that is it, I don't have all day to do this.  I sat down to post this and in doing so noticed, just above eye level, right in front of me, a little container I use to hold pens and pencils.  There's also a paint brush, a nail file and a small  pair of scissors.

And when I looked to see what else might be in there, I found a little sewing thimble that I've been looking for for ages.  Yes, I am having trouble with my memory lately!

I wonder how the rest of the team got on?  Just pop over here to find out.


  1. It's been fun to see everyone's take on this Theme! Isn't it amazing how nature has a way of fitting into just about every theme we do, and your shots are always so the passion vine shots! Glad you found your got some great shots!

  2. So glad you found your camera!! And the passion fruit is gorgeous. And always good to learn something new -- like the electric fences.

  3. Ohhh that passion fruit! I just love your pictures of it. Glad you found your camera; I hate it when I can't find things.

    I was raised on a farm, so naturally I know exactly how an electric fence feels when you touch it (because all farm kids have tested it at some time) and (OUCH) I don't doubt the animals want to avoid it!

  4. Hi Pauline,

    My tree was in Queensland Australia. I took it when I was there last winter. So glad I was there last year and not this year.

    All the three places , Rockhampthon, Toowomba and Ipsich have connections to me.

  5. That passion fruit flower is just so beautiful! perfect for this week's theme. All our electrical wires had gone underground, no more exposed like what you share here.

  6. Gosh that flower was awesome! All your pictures are perfect for this weeks theme.
    Happy weekend!

  7. I love those tendrils from the plant. They are so graceful. So glad you found the camera!

  8. Wonterful photos !!!
    I am very happy to founs your camera.
    You have lovely humour !!!!
    Have a nice weekend !!

  9. Interesting variety of photos for the theme. Not sure I understood all about the fence but never mind. I'll be sure to keep away from those things if I ever get to see one ;) The passion fruit vines are beautiful (never saw one IRL).

  10. Wow your shots are very beautiful!! Love it!

  11. I love that passionfruit vine too. It is so elegant and pretty. Great photos and I just always love your stories. You make me smile every single time. Glad you found your camera. I would have been in a panic too.

  12. Oh oh oh yes..the passionfruit vine is great shots hon! I love all your different..but all wonderful!!
    Great shootout!! Hugs, Sarah

  13. I love the shots of your passionfruit vine.

  14. My favorite is the passion fruit vine flower wow I have never seen one before it's beautiful. I like all the pictures though!

  15. The passion fruit pictures are very good. Strangely they grow well in the UK too.

  16. I think that's the first time I've seen a Passion Fruit Flower - it is stunning.

  17. A great post, and don't lose it, life without your thumbnail, now that is funny. Cheers Pauline.

  18. The passionfruit vine and flower are beautiful!

  19. great choices for this week Pauline. the sweeper hose was a good one, I would not have thought of. so fun to see each week how everyone sees the theme. the flower is gorgeous!!

  20. Pauline the first photos in particular catch my eye. Look those shots. You did good after getting started. You did great before you got started.


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