Sunday, February 6, 2011

Begone, you sniffles

My friend Chris remarked this morning when she asked would I like to come over to her place for lunch and a beach walk, that I always seem to get the sniffles at this time of year.  I hadn’t really noticed it before but it’s true I do.  I usually brush it off like I did this morning with, “I have a bit of the sniffles” and think no more about it.  But, thanks to Chris, I now realize that something in the air at this time of year turns me into a sniffler.   And I’ve now decided it’s something here on the farm.  I was a sniffling mess all morning but decided to join Chris and her niece Lucy for lunch anyway and go for a beach walk. 

It’s amazing what I notice once my attention has been drawn to something.  I gave my nose a good working out before leaving home and had to stop once down the road a bit for another blow out.  To hell with being delicate, these sniffles are the full on runny nose my aunt used to talk about when I was a child.  (My Aunty Jo once told me she didn’t want to name her son Brian because the only Brian in her class at school always had a runny nose.)

The reason for my sniffles must be very local to the farm.  I suspect it’s something up in the forest.  And it’s worse in the mornings.  Once I had travelled about 10 kms from home, the sniffles were gone. 

So I’ve had a wonderful sniffle free afternoon.  The beach was quite crowded.  For this beach, that is.

6 feb 2011

It was low tide and there were a few fishermen:
and families out gathering tuatuas.   My batteries went flat before I got the actual shot of them leaning over in the unusually small waves and digging with their hands for their idea of a delicay.  Not mine, I’m afraid, nor Chris’, so we didn’t join in.  

families feb 2011

I’m sure, if this oyster catcher had a blog, it would post that it was a wonderful Waitangi Day.
oyster catcher


  1. Sounds like Hay Fever. I am green with envy. What superb beaches and free food as well.

  2. At least one blessing comes with winter here and that's a few months of relief from the outdoor allergies. Starts for me with tree pollen in the early spring but then there's grass all through the rest of the season, and some other plants as well in the late summer/early autumn. I react to the smell of hay/straw too. I could never live on a farm! I hope whatever you're reacting to is of more temporary kind but I'd recommend you to try some allergy medicine, there are both nose sprays and pills that might give you relief.

  3. PS. Got so caught up in the allergy problem that I forgot to say the beach pictures look wonderful!

  4. the simplicity of these photos is beautiful - thanks for taking us to the beach. It looks lovely there!

  5. What a beautiful beach......and fantastic photos.
    It sure sounds like you have hay fever. Our daughter has it too, and sniffs through March, April and May - but always gets relief down at the shore.

  6. The beach beckons. If for no other reason than it's a way of keeping ones feet cool!

  7. Very nice photos !!!!
    I wish you enjoy your new baby !!!

  8. Yep, sounds like allergies to me too. Glad you were able to have a nice day. I am really ready for summer here.

  9. smashing blog. makes Derby look scruffy. have not forgotten the award but pushed for time. thanks anyway.

  10. Activities of the beach.... I love the Oyster catcher.


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