Saturday, February 5, 2011

An Award

Today I remembered that back on 22 January my blog received an award. At the time I had visitors and was anxiously awaiting the birth of my grandson.   I was so surprised and felt so honoured, how could I have forgotten? 
Thank you, Doreen at My Reflections as I Shutter Along, I feel like I’ve been acknowledged by blogging royalty.   It gives me a little tingle to be chosen by such a fantastic blogger. 

There are four steps to follow that go along with the award.

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you. 
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award. (will do)

So here we go.  I will do my best to share 7 things about myself.  Although I don’t promise that they are interesting – no-one said they had to be, did they? 

1.  My most recent news first – last Monday morning, not long after mid-night my second grandson, Aiden was born.  So now I had half a dozen grandchildren.

2.  My family is all important to me.  I am the oldest of an even dozen children and have two dozen nieces and nephews and more than a dozen great nieces and nephews (I think it is 15)

3.  I am not comfortable in cities or crowds.  I prefer peaceful, remote places and when time permits always choose the road less travelled.

4.  My passion for writing has been superseded by my passion for photography – and I WILL get better at it.

5.  I’ve just learned that supersede is not spelt supercede.  Once upon a time I prided myself on being good at spelling.   I am nit-picky about grammar.  

6.  Creating a garden from a bare block of land has given me a pleasure I didn’t know existed.  I call it my Barely Contained Wilderness. 

7.  After a lifetime working on being more patient, more tolerant, I realize I have been totally unsuccessful.  Just recently I amused my brother by swearing at a machine that talked at me.    

I haven’t been in blogland all that much lately so don’t have 15 recently discovered bloggers, so I choose 15 of my favourites.  I won’t list the ones Doreen chose, as we have a couple in common.   

I’m going to put my grand-daughter Shayde at the top of the list.  I gave Shayde a little camera for Christmas and she is becoming an avid photographer and we are currently setting up a blog for her to post her efforts.  There’s nothing there yet but if anyone would like to come back in a week or so and give her a little word of encouragement, that would be great.  

Charlotte – this is my journalist niece Charlotte who has recently visited me.

And, in alphabetical order, because there’s no way I could prioritise them.  Some I follow for their writing, some for their photography, some because they amuse me, others because I feel a connection with how they express themselves:

And one more favourite who I am pretty sure does not accept awards – Adrian’s Images

Now I’m going to sit with my knitting (for Aiden, of course) and watch the Wellington Rugby Sevens, a spectacular party in a football stadium – oh, and there is football, too. 


  1. Oops, just realized I posted the same blog twice, under two different titles but both links work! The views blogs are the same person. Sorry, Mark.

  2. Thank you Pauline. I very much appreciate your thought, and I'm feeling very stylish indeed since I've now been given the same award twice! (What I really need is a haircut, but never mind.) The thing is I already got it from Mersad who also got it from Doreen. And had you not already been given it by Doreen, you would have got it from me...! I'm not going to go through the whole thing again, so I'll just refer you to my previous Stylish Award post... ;)

  3. Thank you Pauline - I'll work this into a post this week.
    It's nice to know a few more things about you!

  4. Pauline, you were correct in your assumption.
    It's because I'm a grumpy, antisocial old git.
    I appreciate the mention though.....Gives my ego a boost....I'm a grumpy, antisocial, egotistical old git.

  5. I used to be great a spelling also. now when I am blogging I will open another window and google a word to make sure I spell it correctly. lol so we have something in common.

  6. Pauline - Thank you so very much. I have appreciated your friendship over the past few years. 15 things about myself on my blog?! I have shared just about everything already but I will work on it. Thanks again my dear friend.

  7. Well thank you for that. My blogs in the process of a redesign (not planned - long story) so will put it up and respond properly soon. But many thanks again - I'm pleased you like reading my blog


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