Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And after a long absence....

My blogging has been practically non-existant lately.  There have been other things on my mind. 

For a while I was playing tour guide for my brother, Peter, his wife, Judy and daughter, Charlotte.  We did the touristy things and had a great time.  

I was sad to say farewell to them all.  But I have to admit my mind was already on something else - my youngest daughter was already overdue to give birth.

But finally, in the early hours of Monday morning little Aiden finally arrived. After 17 years, I have another grandson!

My grandsons meet

Unfortunately by the time he joined us, it was nearly time for me to head home to go back to work, so I've only had him in my arms for a few short minutes.  

I knew that there had been heavy rain in the north while I was away but I still got a surprise when driving home yesterday evening to find part of the hillside sitting in the road.

Over the past year or so I've posted photos of the Bridge to Somewhere:

When we have a flood it becomes the Bridge to Nowhere:

Now, sadly, it has seen one flood too many.  Yesterday evening I changed its name to Once a Bridge:


  1. Hello Pauline,

    Congratulations to your daughter on the birth of little Aiden.
    Happy days.

  2. A new baby - how wonderful - congratulations!
    Sad to see the bridge go - will it be rebuilt?

  3. Good to see you back. Congratulations to one and all. It does look as if it's been a touch damp.

  4. How good that you did get to see your new grandson - although I can understand it must have been hard to have to leave so soon just after. Sorry about all the flooding in your area. Nature seems to be in a violent mood in some corners of the earth lately.

  5. Good to see you back in Blogland. I can't believe the Bridge has been demolished. It looked so substantial.

  6. Congratulation on the birth of your Grandson and i hope that the waters will recede. You haven't lost your sense of humor but I hope the flooding iwll be over soon. It's been such an awful time for Queensland!

  7. Hi, Congratulations on your new grandson! I am relatively new at blogging and just found your blog. I have always been fascinated by New Zealand. It will be neat to follow you and see what is going on down there. I live in Seattle in the northwest part of the US. Hope you will stop by and check out my blog. Thanks for sharing your interesting photos.

  8. Congrats on the new grandson Pauline! I have seen a few pictures of that bridge on your blog so I hate to see it in ruin. Hopefully someone will rebuild it.

  9. Congrats on the new grandbaby. Hope you stay dry!

  10. Congratulations. Blogging's not very important in comparison.

  11. Awwww! It's the first time I have seen baby Aiden - all teary now!!! Sounds like you've been busy with real life stuff... I hope J is well. Love her to pieces.
    Jess xxx


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