Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Noodles or muffins

My front deck and back steps are made of wood that has never been painted.  Last summer I scrubbed them down but didn't get around to painting them.  This summer I am determined to do it.
This morning I made a start with the water blaster.  I say made a start because after a couple of hours of getting drenched I ran into a few technical difficulties.    The connection between the water hose and the machine kept coming loose.   Never the most patient of people, I was ready to blow my stack so packed it in for the day instead. 

I may see the problem more clearly tomorrow.

Georgia and her Best Friend Ever, Archer, came to visit in the afternoon.  They arrived each with a packet of noodles in their hands and asked to make muffins.  Muffins or noodles I asked.  Muffins first because they are quick and we are hungry, then we will make the muffins and eat the noodles while they are cooking, they replied.  Got to admire the time management!  (Or is that Granny management?)

As they were mixing the muffins Georgia asked Archer, “Do you think I should be more blonde?” 
And what did he reply?  “I like you the way you are!”  Charm just comes naturally to some guys!


They are so funny these two kids.  They get on so well but from time to time argue like an old married couple.  Archer was showing me his loose teeth and gaps where other have fallen out.  Georgia was whinging because he had lost a tooth that she hasn’t.  “It will fall out soon, Georgia.  We can’t stay  seven forever!”

Ahh, if only they could!!


  1. Pauline,
    First of all thank you for the kind comment you left on my blog. My response box isn't working and I cannot respond to comments on my blog. I'm glad I came here today because I am reminded of summer. We are covered in snow and I have a cold. I love your seven year olds! They are way better than painting a deck! Thank you for a little bit of summer in my heart today! (hugs)

  2. Sweet seven year olds. There are some stages of childhood that should last for at least a few years and this is one.

  3. Yes if only they could. I think six to ten is a golden age for children; my older too are only teenagers now, yet is seems so long ago.

  4. I keep forgetting it's summertime there--until I see the green grass and the kids in shorts.

    They're adorable!


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