Saturday, January 1, 2011

The first day

It’s too long since I walked on the beach.  Today, for the first time this summer, I went for a beach walk with friends.  A perfect day and a perfect way to kick off a new year.  Others thought so too:

bird and kids 01.01.11
2 kids
boogie board 01.01.11
dog and feather 01.01.11
two dogs 01.01.11
But for some, it was all a bit too much!
boy resting 01.01.11


  1. We went to the beach today too - but it was a cold and windy beach despite the bright sunshine!

  2. We got a bit of thaw on New Year's night, but not THAT much... ;) Happy New Year to you!

  3. There is definitely a magic in beach walks. And you've captured some of the animate magic moments beautifully.

  4. how nice Pauline. today it is freezing here and extremely windy. brrrr.....

  5. I love the shore. I forget you are on the otherside and it is summer where you are. We feel downright balmy with 40 degree weather in Maine this time of year. Happy New Year!


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