Monday, December 27, 2010

To sum it up

My daughter Leone summed up our Christmas perfectly on Facebook: 

So..another Xmas over..."Woodcock style'....lots a wicked food,sports & games (competitive bunch) & of course a concert by the kids (we're show offs too)... As always a great time :-)

She totally forgot about the gifts - that's not the major part of the day, although watching the kids (and older kids) opening their parcels is fun.

There's always lots of activities at a Woodcock Christmas.  I don't know how we would adapt if we were housebound on Christmas Day.

 Our family - not that many of us compared to the gathering of my brothers and sisters and their offspring in Australia, 26 adults and 13 children at last count.  But next year there will be another grandson in the frame.  And, who knows, one day Bernie might come home to join us.  Miss you, Bern.


  1. I think this idea sounds incredible. Of course, we would have to move where you are to make it happen. We had nothing but cold and rain all day so it was inside with no exercise and sadly, lots of food. I think I like that idea of wearing sleeveless clothes on Christmas! Who ever thought about Christmas being all about snow? All those songs, all those red suits and fur...your idea sounds so much better!

  2. Hello Pauline,

    Lots of fun and games,love the photo of the arm wrestles. I wonder who won??
    Happy New Year.

  3. Teri, thanks. I sometimes think I'd like a white Christmas somewhere but I'd no doubt be miserable missing everyone at home. It's about who you are with really, isn't it?

    Arm wrestling is a silly thing for a family to be doing really, isn't it, Bev? Michael is always declared the winner as his sister and three little cousins all adore him and they can be very noisy in their support!

  4. A beautiful post of what was obviously a wonderful day. Yes. Games and outdoors at Christmas is at odds with all the perceived pictures but to me it's much better when there are children - of whatever age - involved.

    I love the last photo. How on earth did you manage to get everyone to be in a good pose simultaneously?

  5. GB, it must be the annual practise. We take a family photo every year, first a "behaving' photo then a funny faces one. Even my lot can behave for a few minutes if they know their moment of frivolity is coming next.

  6. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. I write a lot about my family and landscape and the connection between the two.

    I have had a good look around your blog - what fabulous place you live in - and on a farm too. How I envy that.

    I live half the time in Wales and the remainder in Wiltshire (for work) - the latter is about sixty miles from the sea and the mountains - both of which I miss terribly so that I can't wait to go back to west.

  7. Hi Pauline,
    Looks like fun was had by all! Great photos!
    BTW, A home in the tropics sounds pretty darn good right about now. I'm not big on the cold and snow ... pretty for a bit, but that is it.
    Have a Happy New Year and thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

  8. What a beautiful Christmas. We are usually in the country too, but this year celebrated in Brisbane. There was still room for arm wrestles though ...) Glad you had such a perfect day.


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