Friday, December 31, 2010

FSO - Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year!! Another celebration. A new year, a new you, new beginnings, new town. What is new, changing, evolving. New in your town or new with you if you care to share.

Seventeen years and quite a few shoes sizes separate them.  It's hard to imagine having another grandson but soon, soon there will be another.

We know already he has long legs and according to those who can spot resemblances from those in the womb photos, he has the Ward chin, a sure sign of a determined nature.  That's a nice way of saying stubborn.   Will he be dark haired and dark eyed like his parents?  Whose nature will he inherit?  Will he be a chatterbox like his mother?  

Which one will he look like:
 The new parents to be

Did I say I can't wait for the new person in our family?    I can't wait to see the little bloke who will wear this tiny shoe (although I trust he will have two feet).    

My grandsons' shoes

To see the photos of the rest of the Friday Shoot Out Team, just go here.  

Best wishes to all for a Happy New Year!


  1. congrats Grandma and parents to be. that last shot is so cute!!

    Happy New Year Pauline!!

  2. Oh Pauline-how wonderful! Best wishes for your grandchild! I hope that someday I may be so blessed. May 2011 be a beautiful year for all of you! Love, Deedee

  3. An excellent portrayal of the subject. Happy waiting.

  4. Congrats to the parent and grandma to be! Happy New Year Pauline!

  5. ps Mr. Linky is up and running now!

  6. Hi Pauline,

    How many Grand children do you have?

    Are you busy knitting booties?

    Happy New Year.


  7. I love the second picture what a great Idea. I know the feeling. What is hard for me is living so far away from them, I hope you live close to them. congradulations! Have a great New Year!


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