Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am chuffed!

‘Chuffed’ doesn't appear in my Collins English Dictionary.  However, it does have:
1.‘chuff’ – puffing sound of or as if of a steam engine, and
2. Brit. slang to please or delight.

So take the second meaning and add an ed.  That’s me!  Pleased and delighted (and puffing about my own cleverness like a little steam engine.)

Why?  Oh well you may ask! Just try to stop me from telling you!

A while ago my son and daughter-in-law drew my attention to a photography competition being conducted by the school my grand-daughters attend.  They called for photos of the area and winning photos would appear in the school calendar for next year.  I acknowledge and appreciate the beauty of the area where I live, and almost daily take photos.   So I pondered for ages about which of my photos best reflect our piece of paradise and sent off four photos (one was my header photo).

Friday was Calf Club at the girls' school.  This is a special day around this time each year in rural schools around New Zealand, a day which encourages children to take an active interest in the welfare and presentation of an animal of their choice for a community day at their school.   When my children went to school it was all about calves and lambs and I remember very clearly the pride a child feels when their animal wins.  Prizes aren’t won just by selecting animals that are well bred.  They are also judged on the grooming of their pet and how it leads.  Winning a prize is invariably about the hours the child has put in feeding, caring for and training their animal. 

Today, with fewer children having access to ‘farm animals’ the day has become known by other names – Country, Pet, Livestock or Agriculture Day, with events for all classes of animals, pets and handcrafts.

So on Friday I made sure I got away from work on time so I could get to the school. for at least part of the Big Day.  This year, as part of Calf Club, was the announcing of the winners of the photography competition.  Just as I was about to leave town I got a text from my d-in-law saying three of my photos were in the calendar.  When I got there I spotted Georgia and her turtle (which won first prize in a section for ‘other pets’) but Heather found me pretty quickly and took me off to see the calendars.  I was soooo chuffed.  Then, flicking through the calendar, I spotted one of the photos that had my name on it was not mine.  I was saying to Heather, “That’s not mine!”  and a lady at the table must have overheard because she came up and said, “Are you Pauline?”  And went on to explain that my name on the photo that was not mine had been a mistake - I could have told her that –and they would get the name changed to the right name in the next printing run.  Sooo two photos in the calendar, I was still a happy girl.  The winners were called up in due course to receive our prizes.  We were presented with our developed photos and a certificate.  Look at the certificate!  Who wouldn’t be proud??  I hope everyone mistook my smile for happiness and not amusement!  Well, to be honest it was pride, happiness and amusement.  I won’t pretend I wasn’t thrilled.  
2 photos

I have just one half decent photo of the calves and lambs, they were strung out like Browns Cows.  That's one of our neighbours, Archer in the red shirt with his be-ribboned lamb.

In other news this weekend, the family has a new pet.  A goregous little goat named Mini.  She's about five months old and has obviously been well looked after and happy around children. Isn't she lovely?

 None of the girls have spent time with me all weekend.  I can see why they are otherwise occupied!


  1. Congratulations! Your pictures are beautiful. They deserve recognition. That goat is the cutest. What's the breed?

  2. Congratulations. Today the school calender, tomorrow The National Geographic. Nice goat, we kept them as children they make grand if mischievous pets.

  3. Well, you should be "chuffed".. and proud.. and thrilled. Congratulations!! That is a beautiful photo and deserves the recognition.
    Mimi is a lovely goat. What a fun addition to your household. The girls will come round when it's time to eat or when it gets dark. They may ask to sleep with Mimi. She may become a "house" goat.

  4. Love that certificate! truth, it's something that you will hang where you'll see it and smile, unlike a more traditional acknowledgement that might end up in a drawer. Congratulations!

  5. Susan, I don;t know what breed the little goat is. I think perhaps it might be a bit of a mongrel.
    I agree, Adrian, goats are very intelligent if a bit naughty. We had four when my kids were little and I could write a book about their antics.
    Thanks Farmlady and Pondy. I'm sure that certificate will retain its smile factor!

  6. Hello Pauline,

    Well done I would be chuffed too. I wonder what everyone is getting for Christmas though I do think you could easily find enough photos to produce your own calender. I am sure the grandies will have fun with the goat.
    Have a great week Pauline.


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