Friday, November 12, 2010

FSO - Over your Head

Friday again!  Where did that week go I wonder?  I spent a lot of it looking up but what we mostly see when we look up around here is just the sky and it hasn't been horribly interesting this week.

First thing that came to mind was the roof over my head, that's pretty important.  So to start, here's my son and his offisider making sure I have no leaks in that roof.

And then I was stumped.  I looked up a definition of over your head and confirmed 'if someone is in over their head, they are out of their depth in something they are involved in, and may end up in a mess. ' So, you've been warned.

Jami avoided being in over her head by remembering her water wings:

Wish to were so simple to keep me out of a mess sometimes!

On Wednesday I went looking for something constructive to look up at.  There are no high rises in Whangarei but a side gate to the new Events Centre was open when I went past so I snuck in to grab a shot.  It looked sort of weird without a soul in sight.  I could picture it packed with football fans, imagine the cheering; the silence was sort of eerie.  If there are any ghosts of sports fans lurking, they didn't show themselves. 

Rugby football fever generates a lot of hot air in this country.  I presume this is some sort of air extractor:

 Next door to the stadium are the cricket grounds.  As I was preparing for a photo, a groundsman came running up to warn me the water sprinklers were about to come on about a foot away from where I was standing.  Oh, oh, that would have been something I didn't want over my head!  So I moved to get my Romeo and Juliet shot.  I think they may have been a bit over their heads in love.  Darn, that was head over heels, wasn't it?  Never mind, there is a balcony!

 A short 4 km drive took me to A H Reed Park, then a quick walk along the canopy walkway provided me with something wonderful over my head.  This is a reasonably young kauri but still worth looking up at.  

Then I remembered this photo taken right on my doorstep of my grand-daughter looking up at another kauri in 'our' forest that I look out at daily:

This is another common sight - pampas grass growing on the banks along the side of our road:

Yesterday evening, desperately seeking inspiration, I wandered outside with my camera thinking perhaps I could get a shot looking up at the mountains, but they were shrouded in rain and mist.

That's it!  I give up!  I'm going to have to look up to higher power!

I wonder what is "over the heads' of the rest of the team.  Be assured there will be some terrifiic photography of the unexpected if you care to follow me here.


  1. Some good shots here but I love the stadium lights.

  2. I remember that sweet little church from a previous post - a labour of love for its congregation.

  3. I think you came up with a great selection of over your head looking up shots! Very nice. And I think the fog added to the mountains. Beautiful and diverse.

  4. Hello Pauline,

    A great insight into "over your head" Love the mountain ranges shot with the birds and I do love the photo of Jami jumping into the pool.
    Who is that woman in the final photo,she is still praying!!!!
    Happy days.

  5. Very creative. I loved the photos and the narrative. I think this was a great challenge.

  6. many fantastic shots Pauline! the tree, stadium and the stadium lights. pretty cool! I loved the look UP around where you live.

  7. I love the shot of the mountains in the rain and mist.

  8. You have some very artful shots here, the Events Centre is abstract and striking: if people were in it they would have spoiled the shot!

  9. You have such a great view from your home, so stunningly beautiful with trees and mountains. Over here if I look out from my home all I see are lots of high rise buildings!

  10. Jami looks like she was in for one good belly-flop - ow! Great photo of family looking up at that huge tree.

  11. Neat shots. I like looking up that tree. It has a really cool feel to it.

  12. from start to finish I enjoyed your photos and the narrative. I like the lights shot. I tried a simular photo of the tower at the police station here in Missouri City. I couldn't get close enough to really look up at it. great topic isn't it?

  13. Love all of the sights you see overhead! Especially that Kauri Tree.

    Nitty Gritty Looks Up

  14. Seems you found plenty to look up at. I love that shot up the tree (yes I do have a special fondness for trees...)

  15. Jami avoding getting over her head with water wings was the best. The Kauri tree was awesome and the Pampas grass shot was great too.

  16. Oh Pauline...wonderful shootout! Am having trouble choosing a fav... the one of your grandaughter looking up ...or maybe the church...beautiful shootout!!!

  17. What smashing original photos. Well done!


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