Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I can’t see any future for a blogger who just posts photos of faces.  

For me, photos help to tell a story.  When the story is written on the face of those in the photos, a little too much is left to the imagination, I think.  Or maybe I underestimate my readers.

But Adrian is a brilliant photographer and he has left me encouraging comments about my portraits, so blame this on him.  

Here are a few more random shots of faces from Monday's fun day at work.  Some are taken from a distance, and the zoom on my camera isn't the best so are a bit hazy.

The first four are students who caught my eye:
Hana working hard
heave hard striped shirt

Now some of the great team I work with:hou1

and other staff who made the mistake of being where I was:

I’d really like to hear which shots you think work.  I love faces and want to get better at capturing them.


  1. I'm sure these are all good portraits, but to me No:s 3 and 4 are the only ones that "tell a story". (Mind you, I had not seen your previous post when I first looked at this one!) The rest, without any personal details attached, don't get any "message" across to me as a stranger. Only "okay, so some nice-looking people having a good time". But with 3 and 4 I can see what they're doing without actually seeing the rope; that adds something, and that makes me smile when I look at them.

  2. That's interesting. I looked at the photos and judged them on what I thought I might see of their characters in their facial expressions. I have no idea if my ideas are correct but I think that they are all photos which are not just 'nice photos of nice faces'. They are all interesting and I think one might well tell quite a bit from most of them. I'd enjoy trying anyway.

  3. Sorry Pauline, I meant to be encouraging. It is so difficult to get people to relax and carry on doing what attracted you as the voyeur in the first place. It is something I want to do and do but I go out with a prime lens and have to get up close. It is exhausting, I do one hell of a lot more work than they do, chat chat chat, fool fool fool etc. All I was saying is I still think you can do it without becoming the act. You have natural empathy I suspect whereas I put their backs up. Keep on taking them you get great pictures.

  4. Three and seven really make me look again - but all of them show a lovely empathy - you've got that gift, and you can have the fancy camera and split second timing, but if you don't have empathy for your subject the picture is just a picture.


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