Monday, November 1, 2010

Another great face

I admit to self satisfaction when I capture a good scenic shot, or get a photo that speaks to me for the weekly Friday Shoot Out.  But I really do think I get the most satisfaction out of capturing great faces.  Not your regular pretty face, but a face which tells of the character of the person who wears it.

Today was No Smoking Day at work and the Health Centre arranged a fun lunch time for students while spreading the Quit message.

The highlight was a tug o war with student teams competing for an annual cup.  With exam time looming it was an opportunity for students to have a little time out, a bit of fun to alleviate the stress that comes at the end of their study year.

Watching the different heats I thought the finalists would be these two teams.  Either this team, who had obviously had a serious discussion about their technique:techniques

or these guys with their youthful enthusiasm:ready set

but then this face filled my view finder. In the beginning, the quiet focus:concentration

The determined chin comes up as the referee counts down: winning attitude

The battle commences:the strain

and he gives it his all:heave

Oh yeah, I’d want to be on his team. 

And, yes, his team won the cup! 


  1. We all know when we have taken great shots. I like seeing pictures of people too, doing whatever they're doing, without them knowing someone is taking pictures.

    Great photos, you've hit your goal.

    I LOVE playing Tug of War! I'm not the strongest but I'll fight to have the other team get smacked on the ground!

  2. His face has to be seen to be believed and so do your portraits. Whether you realize it or not it is where your talent truly rests.
    I can't wait for more of the similar.

  3. Yep I would be on his team!!!
    Happy days.

  4. I'd want to be on his team too!

  5. I just had to come over from Bev's page to see where thePauline who lived in a widy place lived . N.Z. Yeah been ther once and it sure can get windy especially down Inercaragill way. Loved the first photo of the tranquil water and the ferns. Concentration has been captured wonderfully by your lens.

  6. Oh yes. What shots. They tell us so much. It shows your natural understanding of people.


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