Monday, November 29, 2010

The air was alive

No, it's more like the air was half dead, heavy with something odd.  There seemed to be something contagious in my work area and we all felt it.

The first greetings of the Monday morning were bright and cheerful but within about 15 minutes there was a negative charge circulating in the air.     Was there a carrier or was it simply in the air?

Wheels seemed to be falling off left, right and centre - not literally; you know what I mean.  We all ran into obstacles at every turn.  My phone was out of order and that seemed like a major catastrophe.  By mid morning I couldn't form a coherant sentance and at one stage couldn't understand a word a colleague said to me.  We all seemed to be talking at cross purposes. We laughed about it but everyone was acknowledging that we were having a weird day. 

True, we had received one message none of us were particularly pleased about but we are a positive bunch and would usually just shrug off something like that.

My old boss from 'upstairs' popped in and said she too had been having a crazy day, and most unlike her, she looked a bit harrassed. 

My current boss even had a hair out of place!  I kid you not - a first time for everything!

As I was looking forward to getting out of there and making a list of all the things that had been left undone, I decided it was something in the building.  But no, I had to stop at a store on the way to pick up something we had ordered and, honest to goodness, the young lady who served me looked like she had been coping with the customers from hell all morning and was taking the approach that I was another one of them.  

I was awfully glad to get home and overcame the temptation to thrust my head into a bucket of water.  Don't ask me why I thought that would help, but the very thought restored me.

Until........... yes, until two of my grandchildren came running in off the school bus with a tale of misbehaviour and tears on the bus.  

It's got to be something in the air.  I pray it's just the weather.  Our first hot, humid day.  The air is heavy and oppressive and for all the world it looks like rain.  And we are seriously in need of rain.

Just now I hear a few sprinkles on the roof.  Can almost smell that delicious aroma of rain on dry earth.  

I'm glad I said almost, because it lasted as long as it took me to type that sentance. 

Gosh, I hope tomorrow is a better day!  


  1. Oh Pauline I can't believe it. I really can't. After such a wonderful weekend I've just had a day where the wheels didn't fall off but the nuts certainly came loose.

    I'm so sorry that your day turned out like that. Sleep well and I hope that tomorrow will be a much better one for you.

  2. Must just be your side of the Tasman. Things are getting better here. Hope your week picks up too! xx

  3. Hello Pauline,

    Last Friday my toothpaste fell off the toothbrush twice. There was a fire at the other end of the road and I was out. Some days are like that. Hope you have a better week.

    p.s. The tourist coach arrives shortly for a tour to Toodyay.

  4. Hope things get better, or the air clears.

  5. Fingers crossed on your behalf!


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