Monday, October 4, 2010

Mother love

I've been away and missed most of the cows calving this year but I was at home on the farm over the weekend and the calving mob were around the house.  I knew the jersey cow had calved because I'd seen here in various stages of giving birth on Saturday.

Sunday morning when I went out to have a look the jersey eyed me with great mistrust as if to say, "Don't come any nearer!"

She then went to her calf to reassure herself.

I had to blur out part of the photo because I really do think you'd rather not see a close up of what was on the ground.  Things we tend to take no notice of can be a bit disgusting in the eyes of the uninitiated.


  1. Mother protectiveness and mother love - it crosses the species. I hope no one is so squeamish that a photo on a blog of something to do with farm life would be off-putting ........ it's life.

  2. What beautiful photos! Very sweet.

  3. Love the photos
    Our cows are well and truly finished calving for this season

  4. These have the aww! factor thanks.

  5. I thought that the blurring was really effective in concentrating the focus where the 'action' was. Great effect. And I love your new heading. Mind you I loved the previous one too.

  6. What a special picture of a dear little calf. thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Spring!

  7. awww... and so many people say cows are just dumb animals. people can be so cruel and dumb! that last shot is so precious.

  8. Hello Pauline,

    I would love some of that "Blurred Stuff" for my garden. Lovely photo's.
    Happy Monday.

  9. How gorgeous. Mother Nature and Mother Love is so powerful! xo


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