Saturday, October 2, 2010

I've been grilled

Summer is coming and it's carpet shampoo day, so a quick post, to thank Lisa at Grandma's Briefs for grilling me.  As it is all about being a grandma, it was painless.  Every grandmother loves the opportunity to talk about her elevated status, I think. 

Just click on the badge on my sidebar and you will be whizzed there. 

Thanks, again, Lisa.

(OK, back to moving furniture, Pauline!)


  1. You were a fantastic subject! Thank you so much for allowing me to grill you!

  2. I'm going over to sample you, grilled.

  3. Spring.. sigh. We're just heading into autumn. I'm envious. ;)

    I love the black and orange in the post below.. great images.

    Thanks for you're recent visit to my blog.

  4. I think that you grilled really well. Beneath that gruff exterior is pure marshmallow!

  5. Hello Pauline,

    A great insight into being Granny.
    Hope the house is organised now.
    Love the header on that blog it makes me smile.
    Happy days.


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