Wednesday, October 13, 2010

If I had a better memory…

…I wouldn’t have even noticed the sky yesterday evening.  But I am forgetful, always have been, it’s the same vagueness that runs through some of my family.   A few of my siblings are as sharp as tacks, a few others of us have what I like to think of as an easy going vagueness. 

When my friend suggested we go to a DIY Ladies Night at a hardware store in town I made special note of the date.  It rang bells because it was my younger son’s birthday.  But in the scramble that is my brains I somehow moved it to the day before his birthday and yesterday evening set off for the Ladies Night.  I did think it was a bit strange that there were so few cars in the parking lot but as I pulled in so did another car with a lady driver and she leapt out and literally ran into the store so I immediately forgot about the lack of cars and thought, “I’m late!”  and hurried in after her. 

The other lady quickly disappeared off to the right and the only other lady in sight was the solitary girl at the check-out.  That’s when it dawned on me that I was a day early. 

I was properly annoyed because I’d had a busy day and had rushed around at home to get changed, make myself a quick meal and get back out the door. 

A beautiful evening sky soon did away with my annoyance.  There was hardly any traffic on the road as I headed back home, so I slowed down and enjoyed the sight.  I was taken with the little patch of bright blue and the swirly white cloud around it in an otherwise dark, brooding sky.


About 15 minutes further along on my journey the blue was fading fast and the lower dark clouds had changed colour.

8feb08 002

By the time I reached home, just before the light of the day disappeared completely, I was driving into a pretty pink sunset.


I wouldn’t have seen any of that if I had a better memory and had been inside the store, would I?  

Life has been so much more enjoyable since I accepted the limitation of my memory, since I learnt to shrug and accept “it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last”, just make the most of the moment.


  1. I like your attitude and will try to borrow some of it. These days I find I have to write down every appointment or I'm likely to double-book.
    Gorgeous sunset - I'm glad you saw it and shared it!

  2. These are really wonderful. Funny how life throws these compensations ones way.

  3. Lovely sky pictures. Yes, finding the bright side of one's limitations is not easy but one has to keep trying, doesn't one.

  4. Oh Pauline, Life has some compensations, stunning photo's, Good luck at the Ladies Night.

    Happy days.

  5. Beautiful photos,,I have to write EVERYTHING down to,but who cares we do what we gotta do..

  6. These are some truly exquisite photos, Pauline! Thank you for sharing them.


  7. A wonderful example of the Glad Game: a lovely journey and a great posting resulted. And I can just imagine the journey with a tinge of envy.

  8. Pauline, that first photo is beautiful. Don't worry I waited at home for a delivery truck this morning, when it didn't arrive I phoned the store and left a message (this was early). It was only after waiting a while I re-read the delivery instruction and it's down for delivery on the 20th!!! Now that's either a 'blond' or a 'senior' moment. Then I had to phone the store again to ask them to ignore my previous message.


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