Friday, October 15, 2010

FSO - Chairs

I have a bit of thing about taking photos of seats.  The variety is endless. 

Seats for all ages:
ride on toy train

Seats for working, eating, praying and playing:

working eating praying and playing

Old and new , pink and blue

old and new, pink and blue

Loved or abandoned, large or small

loved or not

But my favourite chairs are the ones provided by nature.  The best seat for miles around.
natural seat

So...that only leaves about 100 unpublished seat photos in my archives.

I hope I didn’t overdo it with this topic – I did say I have a bit of thing about them, didn’t I?

Why not pop over here to see the posts of the rest of the FSO team.  Thanks for the topic, JarieLyn.  As you have probably guessed, I loved it!


  1. i love the natural seats too!!! isn't it funny to see what you've collected and maybe not noticed in your archives? always interesting...

  2. Truly a great collection of seats. Love the way you have them arranged on the post too.Love the little train with the 2 adults on it.

  3. the last one is my favorite too! a perfect place to just sit and do nothing!

  4. Beautiful Pauline.
    I recognise some of these chairs. I particularly like the old leather sofa under the window, but your'e right, the seat under the pohutakawa tree is 'the best seat for miles around'

  5. You should recognize them all, Chris. I took them all on the one day we were out with Twink. Except that last one, of course! The leather sofa was upstairs in the Art Gallery, same place as the train ride.

  6. That little train actually works?

    With the weather warming up, I shall be joining your gentleman friend in that lovely framed photo.

  7. A really really enjoyable set of photos. I love things like that. Mind you spoiling the last one by having some bloke park his bum on it was a bit OTT.

  8. Wow Pauline...Spectacular ShootOut! Love the mosaics and of course the view from natures chair is awesome.

  9. Pauline these are great! It just goes to show that it pays to tag photos. Have a great weekend.

  10. You have a very good arrays of chairs here. Great shot!

  11. How gorgeous, especially the natural ones. Thanks for visiting my old blog aussiesinauckland. I have always meant to update it, but I'm doing a couple of other blogs now. Maybe I will see you there? xo

  12. I'm definitely with you on the natural seating! I also love the seat for playing, my sister and I used to have one of those swings in the front garden. Thanks for the memories :o)

    Nitty Gritty Chairs

  13. Hey you do have a lot of pictures of seats here. What a lot of nice variety; I love that old tractor seat.And of course nothing beats sitting on a log looking at a lake, does it?

  14. The train is great! However, my favorite ones are the abandon ones, they may be old, but I bet there still loved. Just like the nature one, it may not be pretty, but truly valued when it is needed.

  15. Take a seat Pauline, love the collection. I could easily have been reading A Country Style Magazine with those photos.
    Have a great day.

  16. boy you do like seats. love the red (rust colored?) tracker and, of course, the last one is wonderful.

  17. That last one really was the best of all.
    The Great Dane thinks we have too many chairs around the pond. No way!! Can't ever have too many!

  18. I love chairs too! I was on a roll at one time to paint chairs. Trying to find chairs that "spoke to me" was hard where I was living, but I did find a couple.
    Great job!

  19. fun post Pauline! the collages were awesome. I think my favs would be the first collage and the last shot, nature's seat.


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