Friday, October 1, 2010

FSO Black and Orange

It's spring here in the southern hemisphere and this week it has truly felt like it.  Spring is a busy time for farmers of livestock.  My son's dairy cows are nearly finished calving, the neighbour has lots of baby lambs.  There's nothing warms the heart more than the sight of a newborn with a contented mother nearby.  This little fellow looks happy to be part of our world.

Most of the cows in the dairy herd are friesians, black and white, but occasionally you see some other colours.  Bet you didn't expect to see an orange cow!!

But I found the Blackdog in town, not far from the port.

with the sea going black car

and the black pipe:

Diagonally opposite my driveway is an ugly orange shed.  Most of the time I block it out, not exactly pretend it's not there but just ignore it.  There's no point telling myself it spoils my view, I live on  a farm and farms are practical places.  If something is serving a purpose you don't take it away just because it doesn't look good.  (Although I would like to see it painted another colour!)

Sitting inside the shed is an old piece of farm machinery.  I can't for the life of me think what it could be used for.  Maybe a cradle for one of those giant hay bales?

Most farms have a few bits and pieces of rusty machinery around.  But why is this old tractor given shed space I wonder?  For spare parts perhaps!

My little grand-daughter loves to fish 'pretty' rocks out of the creek.  The variety of colours is quite surprising!  There are some pretty orange colours amonst this little haul. 

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  1. Black and orange cows: superb!

  2. A great collection of black and orange , my favorite is the cow because I've never seen one this color!

  3. I just love piles of old farm machinery - hours of photographic fun. My favorite pictures are your cows.

  4. great photos all, but I LOVE the black and orange cow the best.

  5. I am still enjoying the orange and black cows side by side. Unusual.

  6. Great post Pauline. Some interesting shots there. Love the rocks in particular. Maybe the tractor is a prized collector's item. Loved the cow too.

  7. Your farm shots are great! I would love to live on a farm. Your black dog was funny made me laugh.

  8. I love spring it's like people are awake from a long hiatus of winter. Love those rocks it's kind of surprising how the color came out so beautiful. Thanks for the visit!
    Black & Orange

  9. Your grand daughter's rock selection reminds me of my little stone that i picked at the Hillsborough beach, Looks like a kauri gum gem, I must photograph it before it gets misplace.

    Glad your son has all the calves done. So sorry about those poor dead lambs. Are lambs IV or fertilised naturally. If it it by IV, I wonder whether farmers should delay the IV.

  10. You know I was certain I left a comment here,but then I had this niggling feeling that I'd clicked too fast before the word verification. I meant to say that I found it very interesting that there could be so many shots of orange in a country landscape.

  11. Very nice. I missed this Fridays Shoot Out. I will get back on track next week.
    The calf is so sweet.I just had an encounter with a few cows today. They are so funny when they think you are going to feed them. They have the biggest tongues I've ever seen.
    Interesting photos....

  12. I am popping in from the photo workshop.
    Black and Orange photo day - how lucky am I not to miss it.
    Hey- that tractor is a Kubota - may run forever no matter how it looks.
    Now I am off to read your interrogation, interview. The better to get to know you.

  13. perfect shoot out Pauline. cows are great, and the baby so cute. love the old machinery shots also.

  14. The summer is coming comment started me at first until I realized you were half way across the world from me.

    Isn't blogging amazing. Your post really was. What clever photos tied to a theme. They were all lovely.

    We have friends in NZ. My husband has been several times but I've not gotten there. It's definitely on my wish list. It looks lovely.


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