Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flag at work

I know this hasn’t exactly been extensive research but it does appear to me that flag waving is the best way to protect against magpie attacks.  The next step is for all three girls to remember to take their flags to the bus stop each morning.

magpie flag

Georgia remembered hers this morning but the other two girls didn’t.  While Georgia was safely walking towards my place, Krystal was suffering a full on bombardment.

And, at my insistence, we took the flag with us on our walk this afternoon.  We still got dive bombed but the black and white attacking machine went way over our heads, put off by the flag.  It might look silly but that’s the least of my worries.  I’d rather look silly than feel fearful any day.  

Down along the creek there was a sight that would lift the spirits of any farming person.  The heifers which will calve for the first time next spring were gathered under the trees looking a picture of good health.  My daughter- in- law sure knows how to raise good calves, these are a credit to her.  If calves don’t get a good start to life they don’t end up looking like these.

heifers 2010 

Georgia took this next photo.  Don’t know why I work so hard at taking half decent photos when a seven year old can produce a shot like this.   It was side on to us and she waited and waited for it to look at her.  She finally picked up a stick and snapped it in two to get the heifer’s attention.

heifer 2010


  1. Yes! Never underestimate the creativity of 7-year-olds! And I'm glad to learn the value of flags to avoid bird bombing. There is a catbird on a bike path that seems to be intent on using what is left of my hair to build her nest every spring. Next year I'll try the flag approach. Thanks.

  2. Hello Pauline,

    It is a wonder that the grandies haven't asked to be picked up, they must enjoy the walk home with the birds!!!
    Happy days.

  3. Thanks for these. I'm sorry but it's better than I imagined. Great flag waving.

  4. Love the pics of the cattle! Your place is SO BEAUTIFUL! Especially since it's the polar opposite here... PS: Have you guys ever tried drawing EYES on top of hats to deter magpies? They only seem to attack from behind and I know brands like Billabing have been making bike helmets and hats with eyes on top to stop the swooping maggies... YAY for flags though!!

  5. Beautiful cattle, indeed. So glossy!
    I'm glad the flags are working!

  6. I can't believe the Magpie attacks. I like the Farmer's Wife's idea, if it works. These birds seem really into this behavior. It must be mating season.
    Love those cows. Better get Georgia a camera. She's got talent.

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  8. Gosh I'm away from Blogland for a few days and it's all happening. Glad the flags are working - it saves Danny the effort and the lead.

    Georgia has captured a cow looking sultry or giving the 'come hither' look. Quite amazing.


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