Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The cure is a walk

I wasn't feeling myself this afternoon.  No, I wasn’t feeling anyone else either!

Let’s start again.  This afternoon, driving home from work, I had a vague feeling of physical unease.   Nothing wrong really, just felt uneasy with myself and knew I needed a long, relaxing walk. 

As “just an administrator” I want the days of stressful jobs to be behind me.  But you know what they say about the best laid plans…..yeah, well, it’s like that!  I’m trying hard not to stress about my current project but not winning that battle.  That inner thing that drives me to want to do my best is at odds with my intentions. 

I think I’m lucky that some inner part of me always knows what I need.  And this afternoon I knew I needed that walk.

Georgia was happy to accompany me and suggested she ride her bike.  She’s not as easy to keep up with when she’s riding and I’m walking but I was happy to walk a bit faster when I had the sight of her to lift my spirits.  She’s not a confident bike rider just yet so her chat was amusing.  Every time the dogs came near her she warned them away saying it wouldn’t be her fault if she ran over them.


Coming to a downhill section of the track, which then went steeply uphill, I tried to explain about going fast downhill, then starting to pedal for the momentum to carry her up the next hill.  

up hill 2010

She looked so little compared with that hill but she gave it her best shot.  Doesn’t the body language tell the story?

Further along the track we startled a pair of ducks and she informed me they were going back to my house – they are the ones with their nest in the paddock beside my house.  How does she know that?  She very confidently tells me that the mother duck has a patch of white that other mother ducks don’t have – it’s a birthmark!!  Should I debate the point and tell her I don’t think ducks have birthmarks?  No way!


Just past this point she gets off her bike and starts kicking the ground beside the track.  We can smell something dead and she’s looking for it.  She’s thinking out loud:  No, I don’t think it is here.  It’s a big smell so it’s probably something big.  So big we will see if without looking.  I know what it is.  

And away she goes leading me to the big bad smell.  Then tells me the story of how and why the cow died. 
I love how kids just absorb knowledge…(even if they apply that knowledge a little haphazardly as with the birthmark.)

We came to our usual destination along the creek and, to my surpise, passed quickly by.
27 Oct 10

We were nearly home, all thoughts of work stress and magpie attacks long gone, when the black and white dive bombing machine struck.  Well, nearly struck.  No warning.  I suddenly heard the swish of its wings and at the same moment felt the hair on the top of my head move.   Very scarey!  No wonder the girls shriek so much when they are attacked!

I suspect I was attacked as I was the tallest thing beside the person riding the bike (as it’s never worried about me before).  I’d really love to find some literature that explains why magpies hate people riding bikes so much!

Anyway, I’d had a lovely walk and felt so much better.  

(And wouldn’t you just love to wander through graveyard and read “died from magpie attack”!) 


  1. HAHAHA I love it! So honest, and so funny! Nothing like the smell of a dead animal to pique a child's curiosity!! And PS: Magpies here don't care if you're on a bike or not... :)

  2. I'm sorry to hear that you weren't on top form earlier. I hope you are now (actually you may be asleep by now so perhaps you are). I loved that post and your photos always make me feel that I'm actually there. The one of Georgia in particular really does, as you said, tell just how determined she is. So far as the Magpie attacks are concerned I suggest you get a hard hat and visor!

  3. I understand "a vague feeling of physical unease". Nothing that you can put your hands on... just an unsettled feeling. The "walk" is always my answer. It takes you away from your self. A walk makes you look ahead and beyond the you distance and in your area, the comfort of place...and beauty.
    But, those Magpies are surely a bother. Do they attack all year?

  4. I really know what you mean about the physical unease being relieved with a walk. Like you, I'm trying to take down my stress levels at the end of my working years, but it's an ongoing challenge.

  5. Thanks for the walk Pauline, I really enjoyed it. Ducks, dead cow, dive bombing magpie and all!


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