Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today I saw love

I went out to get photos of musicians and instead found love.  In the most unexpected place, too. 

One of the musicians wasn't up to his usual Saturday morning  practise session but my companion and I visited him and I took some photos of  his beautiful bone carvings (coming tomorrow or the next day).  Forbes then suggested I take some photos of one of the characters of the Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei.  Doesn't he have a lovely face?  But I wanted him relaxed,so I suggested he just talk to his wife while I snapped away. 

And I noticed how his face softened when he looked at her:

At first she was a little shy I think.

But look what happened when she looked up at him.  I didn't exist!

When we stepped outside to get photos of him working at his art, he entertained by reciting poetry,  one of lifes true characters.

Then he went back to crafting a walking stick.  Here's a work in progress.  The pole is ash, the join puriri and the Y shaped bit is pearwood.  It was beautiful to touch. 

Thanks, Sandy and Kay, for allowing me that glimpse of love.


  1. This is one of if not your best post yet. Brilliant and compassionate.

  2. You got the shot - the look in her eyes. What a wonderful post to read first thing in the morning.

  3. Beautiful Pauline! Love like that just can't be hidden - and I love his hat, he certainly looks like a character and a half.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. If there was a gallery of 'Great Posts' this would be in it. You, and through you, we, are truly privileged.


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