Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This lovely young man

I see my wonderful grandson far too rarely these days.  This was brought home to me at the weekend when I could sit back and observe him interacting with the family and notice how his face was losing the rounded face of a boy and taking on the more sculptured features of a young man.  It dawned on me that he is becoming ridiculously handsome.  Happily his eyes still sparkle as they always have and he still has the smile of an angel.  OK, I'm a doting grandmother!

I'm so proud of the terrific job my daughter has done of raising him to be a good kid without crushing his spirit. 

I have in my treasure trove of memories so many wonderful memories of him over the years.

As a three year old watching me ironing clothes saying, "Don't iron the creases out of your face.  I like them."

As his first day at school loomed asking me could I please die soon so I could sit on a cloud and watch over him ALL the time. 

As a 7 or 8 eight year old going for a drive with him giving directions, pretending he knew the way and getting hopelessly lost.  When we stopped for lunch at an Auckland suburban beach and I pored over a map, the waiter asked could he help and Michael replied, "Oh no, we're just pretending to be lost." 

It was lovely spending so much time with him.  Watching him scruffing on the floor with his uncle one minute...

Lifting his little cousin on to his shoulders the next...

then cuddling up with her on the couch ...

He's at home on the sports field...

and with his team mates...

and his fan club, his aunt and cousins..

Love you, my Michael!


  1. What a luck person you are and what a lucky person he is to have you.

  2. Lucky you two, to have one another!

  3. This is so sweet, Pauline. How fast the years go.

  4. First of all its lovely to meet you! Secondly I LOVE the photo header at the top of your blog...GORGEOUS.
    Finally, I wish all children had grandmothers like you *big smile* you are really lovely and so is your family.


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