Saturday, September 25, 2010

Silver Fox of the Year

The time has come to tell you about my search for the Silver Fox of the Year. is conducting just such a photography competition.  When I first read about it, I already had this photo that I put on the blog here, back in July.

So I fired off an email to Forbes, (the subject) asking his permission to use this photo.  Before his reply came, I went to dinner and a play with a group from work to watch one of our team-mates perform.   I was on the look-out for silver foxes.  The drinks waiter was an elderly gentleman with a wonderful thatch of very well groomed silver hair.  He looked quite distinguished in his crisp white shirt and black bow tie.

Thanking my lucky stars, I bounded out of my chair and asked could I please take his photo.  He readily agreed and suggested he stand in front of the blood red wall of the entrance corridor.  Perfect!   But I knew I had to have his permission to enter his photo in the competition.  He was agreeable until he realized grownups is on the internet.  No, no, he didn't want his photo on the internet.  He knows all about the internet.  Knows about Facebook and did not want his photo on a place like Facebook.  No, no, he would not appear on the net.  He practically spat out the words 'the net'.   I very quickly understood that when this man says no, he means NO!  I thanked him politely for his time and skulked back to my seat, totally deflated, telling myself I must have totally lost my touch if I couldn't sweet talk an old man. 

For the rest of the evening every time I looked up that man was watching me with a look of sheer suspicion on his face.  He seemed to think I was the spawn of the devil, waiting for another chance to lead him into the den of iniquity that is the internet.  When we left at the end of the play I said goodnight and he stonily looked straight through me.  I went home chuckling that it was worth losing my touch to be regarded as a wicked woman!

Anyway, the next day Forbes emailed his permission to use his photo.  The competition is decided on votes and I have to admit Forbes has some pretty stiff foxy competition.  Come on now, ladies, admit it, most of us appreciate a foxy guy.  Go and check them out, you will have to register but that is very quick and easy and it is a safe site.  Just click here.

Of course I'd like you to vote for Forbes but if you can't resist one of the other foxes I will understand.  hehe

Oh, and there's nothing in it for me, the subject wins the prize!


  1. Yes, I will vote for him, Forbes, such a cool name too. I watch the news of the silver dudes and gals in the singing competition. Great!

    Sorry about the waiter. I would angrily joke with my friends." No wonder you are a waiter all your life. LOL"

    But talking about these, I am interviewing an important person for my church magazine, and they wanted all of us working on the mag a photo. I declined.

  2. Good luck Pauline. I think it's a wonderful photo. You have a very real talent when it comes to portraiture.

  3. I am glad you got agreement I'll give it my vote.
    It really is a cracker of a shot.

  4. I remember this photo - my kind of man!

  5. I voted it wasn't even a matter of 'doing it for you' hands down was the best photo in all the age groups.


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