Friday, September 24, 2010

FSO- Hot and Cold

Doreen suggest we have fun with this theme and think out of the box.

Sorry, I can't even think within the box this week, and I'm incapable of having fun at the moment.

And the only cold I have on my mind is the one I've had since last Saturday.  I'm so grumpy!  Sick of feeling miserable and wondering why the hell I haven't been able to shake it off.  And if anyone suggests the ageing thing - well, I wouldn't if I were you!

The weather is also cold, wet and windy.  Oh yes, very windy and I am not an all-weather photographer, not when I'm feeling grumpy anyway.  Outside it's all grey skies and strong winds.

I'd rather stay at home and put my hands in hot water to do the dishes.
Pathetic?  Yeah, I know. 
I hope checking everyone else's shoot-outs will cheer me up.  Keep smiling, people!


  1. I think that you should stay at home and put your whole self into a nice hot bath!...that always makes me feel better.

  2. You are now a grand first shot.

  3. Me too I'm having a very grumpy week. Going to go plunge my hands in some hot water to make them feel better!
    Have a better weekend!

  4. Great first shot, Pauline. It certainly made me feel cold.

  5. Hey! I've been having a grumpy week too! We could start a new tradition - Grumpy-shot Monday Shootout! Bah! Humbug!

  6. Out weather is too hot for the hot bath, let ma have the cold shower anytime! lol

  7. ACTUALLY - COLD and hot could be about your cold / photos of medicne and tissues and you wrapped up in a blanky to keep your HOT fever under control.... ten days it takes to get over a cold... be patient.

  8. yep, hot bubble bath. love the trees with the wind. hope you feel better soon Pauline.


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