Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yesterday's wander

Coming home from work yesterday there were major roadwords where I usually pull off the road to sit and take in the scene.  I knew I wouldn't enjoy stopping with all that activity around me, so carried on thinking about where else I could go for my daily dose of beauty.  It's been ages since I last went out to Portland to take in the sights and that's where my instincts lead me.  At a T in the road, instead of turning left down towards the beach I turned right up towards a quarry, a road I have never been up before.  It just lead to the quarry and I had to turn around, but then I stopped and looked down over the harbour, from a different angle to my usual stopping place. 

Sitting there I started to think about next Friday's Shoot out with Roads and Pathways as the topic.  Being me I got it wrong and thought about roads and tracks and thought about my route home that would take me past railway tracks, so I went the long way home.

By then I had 'the wanders" and drove along every side road I hadn't driven before.  I know when I do this I will always be rewarded and, sure enough, down a little side road I discovered this beautiful little valley with my beloved mountains in the background:

And then it just got better.  Right beside the road were the first lambs I have seen this year.

Finally content, I went home.


  1. A smashing image of the rail rack.

  2. What a beautiful drive home - the rail, the harbour, the fields and then those two little lambs. A great start to the weekend!

  3. Beautiful posts -- this one and Friday's. Yes, the tracks will go well with next week. And the landscape with fall foliage made me want to walk into it.

  4. Your stories and photos are a great way to see where you live and 'play'...the railway, the lambs all so pretty...thanks for your comments on my FSO...I look forward to joining in again...cheers.

  5. I am just loving your photos throughout your blog Pauline!! - I never realised how green and lush NZ is... just beautiful!


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