Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still working at it

I was thinking last night what a lousy tourist I would be.  Unless, of course, my photography improved a hell of a lot.  You may have seen my earlier attempts to capture a decent photo of the Bottom Waterfall.  I keep going back again and again, each time hoping that this time I will get it right.  Imagine me a tourist with an itinerary...."No, no, I can't possibly catch that plane/bus/train.  I have to go back for another photo".  And another.  And another.

Early Saturday afternoon I decided the light might be better than on previous visits, so little Georgia and I ventured down to the creek.  I think this photo is an improvement on my previous efforts.  (And Adrian will no doubt tell me if it's not.)

Georgia was keen to visit the footbridge again so we headed that way but the little dairy farmers' daughter did not like the look of the cattle on the other side of the creek.  They were a lot more interested in us than she was in them.


  1. The waterfall is fine still blown out a bit but that is impossible to avoid. If you want the feathery look then you need filters and a long exposure. If you want to see every drop then aperture wide open. A tripod is almost a must then you can take two shots one for the water and one for all that surrounds it. And blend them together. The nights are drawing in so I will do a how to on the other blog..

  2. Looked just perfect to me Pauline...then again I'm definitely no photographer!!

  3. Well, I'm not a photographer - but a skilled appreciator! .....and I think it's fabulous!

  4. Just beautiful Pauline! I just got a new camera a few weeks ago and am also in the process of 'honing' my skills... or lack of skills more like ;o)!! I love both of these, they do make you feel like you have truly seen it and to me, that is what makes a great photo!
    Jen xo


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