Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rain? What rain?

Looking around the garden this afternoon it's hard to believe the past couple of days have brought lots of rain.  Today the sky is crispy blue with a few puffy white clouds.

Down at the waterfall the water flow has eased off but it's still a bit murky and flowing a lot faster than it was at the weekend.

Below the big fall (which I haven't managed a satisfactory photo of yet) what looked like swampy wet lands last weekend now looks more like a pretty lake.  The blue of the sky looks even darker in its reflection.  It wasn't until I looked at this photo that I realized there's a couple of peacocks and ducks in the background. 

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Waterfalls are very difficult. long exposures give a dreamy look. These are fine, almost impossible to avoid a bit of highlight blowing. If you don't like it try cloning some unblown water into the affected areas.

  2. I love the waterfall on those rocks with the splashing!

  3. I love that splash! No technical opinion to offer - it's just plain gorgeous.

  4. Lovely pictures. And I never cease to wonder over how quickly weather can change one's mood.

  5. Hi there! And thank you so much, for visiting my blog and commenting! Comments rock! We meet new blog friends, that way. :-)

    You said you love to learn of life in other countries. I do too, and I certainly look forward to learning more about your beautiful country of New Zealand.

    Oh my gracious, look at that waterfall and meandering creek, already! -oh happy sigh- How lucky you are, to live near these!

    Waterfalls! I should introduce you to another Dear Blog Friend, who pictures many waterfalls, in her part of our country. Bet you'd love to compare. :-)

    So I'll give you a link to her blog. And give Betsy a link, to your blog. How is that for fun?!?

    Again, thank you so much for introducing yourself. I have your blog in my Google Reader [the way I see new posts, in blogs I like].

    And btw, I'm so happy to see that you use Stretch Minima Background or Template or whatever it's called. I do too. And we both know that reading our blogs, needs a person's computer screen to be W-I-D-E. :-) But I often wonder, how many people know this? And thus, how many are seeing the whole of the photos I post?

    I learned [from another blogger, of course] how to make my photos biggggggggggggger. :-) And it's fun. But only if people are seeing them, in total.

    Oh well... Just saying.

    Gentle hugs from the NE of the USA...


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