Monday, August 9, 2010

Puddles and a new bridge

The weekend weather wasn't ideal and by Sunday evening I was feeling a bit cabin-feverish.  So when the rain stopped around 4.30 I was quick to grab an umbrella and go for a short walk.  Well, quick until I got down to the creek, I can never walk quickly along a creek. 

There were puddles everywhere, even in the hollow at the base of a tree.

Just as well I wasn't intent on a long, fast walk, I was constantly seeking a dry path.  When there are puddles everywhere ...well, you just have to take photos of puddles!

During the week Kevin, one of the guys who works here, was busy repairing the footbridge.  I must admit it looks a whole lot safer than it did a week ago.  You can see how old and almost rotten the old planks (laying in a heap at the bridge approach) were.


  1. The sky looks blue
    the puddles too.
    Not you.

    A footbridge neat
    you cannot beat.
    Safe feet.

    Sorry. It just happened.

  2. Who, indeed, can walk quickly along a creek?
    The colours in your photos are so clear and sharp - they have that after-the-rain clarity and I can imagine the smell of the damp grass and running water. If I lived near that footbridge I'd be tempted to visit it often.

  3. That big old tree has found a way to capture puddles in its roots. That way it can drink now and have some left for later. A kind of arboreal to-go cup.

  4. Nice capture of the barbed wire fence reflection in the puddle. Love that bridge too.

    It rained here in Las Vegas yesterday. It didn't last long, but it sure did make everything smell fresh.

  5. It seems the only way for me to walk quickly (hm) these days is to leave the camera at home. (The "hm" because some friends would question my definition of quickly anyway.) I agree puddles are very "inviting" (to take photos of, not to jump in, at my age).

  6. Wow, glad you got that bridge repaired! Before you went tumbling through it. Eeeek! ;-)

    And of course, you take pics of puddles! Why not? Puddles rock. :-)

  7. What a great place for an afternoon walk, regardless of the puddles!
    Have a fabulous day!

  8. Beautiful scenery. I wish we had some of that rain here.


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